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Candidate's social media posts raise concern about anti-Muslim bigotry
“The candidate has to be able to understand Dearborn's diverse communities and see themselves as part of a movement to improve Dearborn's education and infrastructure,” he said. “They should be sensitive towards the civil rights issues and bigotry the …
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The Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process For Social Media Marketing Success
Social intelligence: Lots of people are talking about big data and social analytics, but according to Fox social intelligence is more tactical than strategic; it's where you discover just how savvy your organization is when it comes to social. Social …
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5 Essential Social Media Metrics You Need To Know
So what's the big deal? This is the Holy Grail for Social Media Marketers. From engagement rates and number of mentions to top performing tweets and top followers, the dashboard should be your daily go-to to understand your Twitter profile performance.
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Social media's charts and metrics turn us into quantified digital versions of
The social network now lets you track and chart who's viewed your posts, complete with a “performance summary” and a colorful demographic breakdown. The new analytics tool extends last year's big feature update, which encouraged users to see how they …
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'Fantastic Four' rules buzz chart
Superhero reboot Fantastic Four has topped the UK Movie Buzz Chart ahead of its release this weekend, according to social media analysis film Way To Blue. The film, about four young people imbued with superpowers, generated nearly 9,300 comments …
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This chart shows just how badly HSBC got slayed on social media for being late
But one bank that was supposed to come online this week, HSBC, was hit by delays, and new analysis from social media monitoring company Brandwatch shows the bank got absolutely killed on social media for the slip up. The chart below shows that …
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Is Your Social Media Ad Budget in the Right Hands?
According to recent figures from eMarketer, by the time the year is out, advertisers will have spent nearly $ 24 billion on paid media on social networks, a 33.5% increase on last year. North American companies are forecast to spend the most, at $ 10 …
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Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them [Infographic]
It's smarter to focus on the one or two social media platforms that give you the best chance of reaching your intended audience — you can always expand later on. The focus should be on building real relationships rather than inflate your community …
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PostHeaderIcon Social media defamation a real concern: Sydney couple fined AU$15K for

Social media defamation a real concern: Sydney couple fined AUK for
He urged that such uploads should be avoided by the members of the social media community. Since the beginning of this incident, the case has been presented at least seven times in the court. The couple was not even ready to apologise and denied the …
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How to Use Humor to Build Your Brand on Social Media
With the rise of social media, a new phenomenon has arisen in the world of day to day marketing –humor as a consistent marketing technique! That means not just being funny every now and then in a television commercial, but actually being funny in your …
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NYPD Officers Seek To Shame Homeless Population Through Social Media Campaign
The city's homeless population is under heightened public scrutiny, due in large part to more frequent media coverage of isolated quality of life offenses, or “conduct that demoralizes community residents and business people because it involves acts …
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7 Productivity Tips For Busy Social Media Users
How often are you on social media on a given day? How often are you productive on social media? Although these sound like two similar questions, they are completely different. The amount of time we spend on social media and the amount of time we are …
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PostHeaderIcon How to Use Social Media Marketing to Build a Business in 2015

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Build a Business in 2015
Social Media has become the new “word of mouth” which can translate into serious gains for businesses properly using social media marketing to enhance their customer experience scores. Fasturtle has revamped their Social Media Marketing … Fasturtle …
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Online news portals may now require registration
However, Salleh assured the media that the authorities had no plans to restrict the usage of social media. “We cannot be monitoring every social media user. If there is a complaint and there is basis to it, we will look into it,” he explained. Salleh …
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Moving Walls Creates Interactive Playground in the City
During the Fifa World Cup in 2014, another kind of football game was played in the busiest part of Kuala Lumpur. At the junction in Bukit Bintang, passers-by stopped, looked at The Tower, interacted through mobile websites, social media and gestures …
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PostHeaderIcon Out of Nowhere: New, Little-Known Artists Bubble Up Quickly, Conquer Summer Charts

Out of Nowhere: New, Little-Known Artists Bubble Up Quickly, Conquer Summer Charts
But the burst of newcomers in the Billboard singles charts likely reflects the growing importance of social media in driving artists' careers. New, unknown artists tend to explode faster these days, with more than a little help from platforms like …
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Social Media Image Size Chart 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]
social media What your social media sites and posts look like matters. But sizing images for every different social network can be a daunting task. This one chart simplifies the process, and tomorrow we'll share a free tool that helps you create and re …

Sell Facebook, Say Bearish Charts
The social media stock has just reversed from its upper 4 standard deviation band, which contains more than 99% of normality. In fact, yesterday, it closed back below the upper 3 standard deviation band, hinting that the failed test of the 100 level …

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PostHeaderIcon Corporate bigwigs give major boost to SME marketing

Corporate bigwigs give major boost to SME marketing
The campaign also runs on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr where consumers are encouraged to pledge their support for SMEs. According to Titus Yong, vice president, business sales, global enterprise group, Singtel …
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Technology improvements make Nebraska State Fair among best interactive fairs
"Our marketing budget would be far too fragmented if we tried to promote every event through the standard marketing methods," Jungck added. "So social media, our website and our mobile app have stepped in to assist in the promotion of our events and …
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PostHeaderIcon Police are returning lost-and-found items using … Pinterest?

Police are returning lost-and-found items using … Pinterest?
The March 2014 study focuses specifically on the BPD's impressive social media response to the Boston Marathon bombings. But they are quick to point out that the department had begun building trust with community members well before the attack.
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Social Media Specialist and Community Manager
Or client is one of South Africa's leading online car advertising websites.And they are currently looking for a social media specialist and community manager to join their team. You'll need: – Multi-platform experience – Knowledge in Hootsuite …

B2B Marketing On Social Media: The Dos & Don'ts
We all know that social media is an invaluable tool for marketing and communicating with potential customers and actual customers – but in addition to being crucial for B2C marketing, it can also be an extremely effective platform for B2B marketing too.
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PostHeaderIcon Rumored threats of gang violence in South Los Angeles spread on social media

Rumored threats of gang violence in South Los Angeles spread on social media
"We don't have any information, any valid credible information, that the rumor — that social media post — is actually valid," Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief George Villegas said. … Despite the lack of evidence, fears are rising in …
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Social Media Community Manager
An exciting position has just become available for a young community manager to stay on top of our social media sites. You will join an amazing company and be immersed in a young and enthusiastic work environment. This is a brilliant opportunity to …

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