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These Chicago Travel Companies Ranked the Best at Using Social Media
“As social media is increasingly becoming an all-purpose communication tool, the hotel industry excels by providing real-time information to their customers on their social media channels. Companies like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Hyatt Hotels …
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When Social-Media Companies Censor Sex Education
Inconsistency persists across the board when it comes to sex and social media. While Bedsider cannot have its tweets link back to its website if the homepage features any content deemed too sexual, Playboy has been able to promote its Twitter account …
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Following the Social Media Rules for Pharma and Medical Device Companies
Counsel representing these companies should be familiar with several interpretive guidance documents the FDA released last year that help explain the agency's thinking as it grapples with emerging and future social media platforms. The issuance of …
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The right and wrong way to use social media: CEO
Companies that successfully use social media give their audiences valuable content and let their fans be the voice of the brand, the founder and CEO of TheAudience told CNBC on Monday. What they don't do is market to them and tell them what's cool, …
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topseoscom Declares VJG Interactive as the Fifth Best Social Media Marketing
These firms are researched through a meticulous evaluation process to uncover which firms to highlight in the recommendations. While there are thousands of social media marketing firms, the recommendations are compiled of the absolute best the online …
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FCA warns of potential pitfalls of 'retweeting' in new social media guidance
"If a firm retweets a customer's tweet, whether or not it is a financial promotion will depend on the content of the tweet," the FCA said. "For example, a tweet expressing satisfaction with considerate service received from the firm will not be a …

Ignite Social Media launches content marketing firm Carusele
Cary, N.C. — Ignite Social Media has launched Carusele, a new standalone content marketing subsidiary. Through its network of content producers, Carusele creates branded social content and then actively manages it through a media approach that …
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PostHeaderIcon Laura Spica: How social media impacts SEO

Laura Spica: How social media impacts SEO
Yes, Virginia, social media does affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Long the redheaded stepchild of SEO, social media is finally getting its due as a legitimate means of raising your brand's profile in search rankings. Funny thing, it's always …
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San Francisco Bay Area Social Media and SEO Expert, Jason McDonald
Jason McDonald, an expert in both SEO and Social Media Marketing, is proud to announce that he will be teaching 'Marketing without Money' at Stanford Continuing Studies beginning in June, 2015. The course is an exploratory survey course in everything …
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PostHeaderIcon Why you may never need to leave Facebook ever again

Why you may never need to leave Facebook ever again
The social network is getting chummy with several big publishers — apparently an effort to grab a cut of the profits from markets and services beyond its bread-and-butter social content. The company has launched its own Groups, Home, and Messenger …
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Prom gets a status update as teens embrace social media, technology
Gaines at G2 said social media trends with prom shopping have evolved from websites to more interactive platforms. “Girls would come in with gowns printed off from designer websites, but now it's all from Instagram and Twitter,” she said. “We have an …
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Educators Respond to Decline in Teachers Trend on Social Media
In recent weeks, NPR (among other media outlets) reported on the decline in teachers entering the workforce. This sparked a lengthy, nationwide discussion across all social media outlets. So says an article on, which compiled responses and …
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NOEW: Small businesses tackle social media world
“We found it's better to handle …social media… firsthand because we are more in tune with the experience of what is happening in the business,” he said. Alford said Yelp helps his new business interact with customers and boost its online presence …
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Making social media apply to your business (and not the other way around)
“The key to using social media effectively is to create, through storytelling, authentic and inspiring content,” says Jane Hunt, CEO at Adopt Change. “Social media offers a powerful suite of tools to engage the hearts and minds of the people who you …
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Social Media for Business: 2015 Marketer's Guide
Facebook is the biggest social network out there, both in terms of name recognition and total number of users. With over 1.39 billion active users, Facebook is a great medium for connecting people from all over the world with your business. And …
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Social-Media Marketing Is Not the Silver Bullet for Busy Entrepreneurs
There have been horror stories from entrepreneurs who have spent thousands of dollars with very little to show for it. Social media market can be great if it's used as one tool in your marketing toolbox. A diverse marketing strategy is the best …
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Three Killer Strategies For Creating Content That Gets Noticed
Perhaps the most famous recent and relevant example of content strategy misfire is Bill Cosby's failed social media and content marketing campaigns from late 2014, which ended up helping push old rape allegations back into the national spotlight.
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PostHeaderIcon Breastfeeding photographs made cool as brelfies trend on social media

Breastfeeding photographs made cool as brelfies trend on social media
Mothers everywhere are kicking out against the taboo around breastfeeding in public and posting photos of their little ones feeding on social media. One in five new mothers has taken pictures of themselves breastfeeding, and even more are planning to, …
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Meerkat boss upbeat despite Twitter clampdown
Hours later, the social media company said it was limiting Meerkat's access to its social graph in accordance with its internal policy, a move that stops Meerkat users automatically linking their Twitter followers, effectively slowing down Meerkat's …
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Talking art and social media at the Walker Art Center
To that end, with their vast experience in trend-surfing, Schwen and Cloud had much to offer, while Voog's over-indulgence in the pre-gig wine made for a somewhat amusing if ignorable artist-at-work-and-play sideshow, but didn't add much to the …
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BuzzFeed's CEO Says Modern Media Is About Pushing Actual Content, Not Links
“Because so many publishers build their businesses on banner ads, they have to get people back to their site to make money” says BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti. But that misses much of the value of social media. “You should be using this distribution …
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How To Make Social Media Make Money For Professionals
“Professionals need to recognize that social media is a way to distribute information. The key is to have content that's important to their intended audiences and, in part, because of the quality of the content, be able to cut through the clutter and …
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PostHeaderIcon Next Dynamics CRM Update To Get Integration with Power BI, Office 365

Next Dynamics CRM Update To Get Integration with Power BI, Office 365
… with the Spring '15 release include "new mobility scenarios"; the launch of a mobile SDK; and a new "Social Engagement" tool (see image below) aimed at helping marketing and sales professionals track the activity of their products on various social …
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The Radicati Group Releases "Social Networking Statistics Report, 2015-2019"
PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 9, 2015) – In depth study from the Radicati Group provides key data and statistics on business and consumer adoption of Social Networking. The study includes data on the number of business and consumer users and …
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PostHeaderIcon In Israeli elections, U.S. political consultants become an issue

In Israeli elections, U.S. political consultants become an issue
For decades American advisers have spoken into the ears of Israeli politicians of every persuasion, contributing skills in polling, focus groups, research and viral social media to their campaigns, and this year is no different, with a cadre of …
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Lyndon president, partner to give presentation
He has taught a hate crime class at Rutgers and provides training and consulting services on homophobia and social justice. During the … Lyndon's Lecture and Arts Series is sponsored by Hayes Ford; Vermont Broadcast Associates is the media sponsor.

Silk Road Reporters: An Independent News Site for Central Asia?
He also runs K Social Media Consulting, a Washington-based PR firm that claims to stand as a “new breed of public relations” agency. Kimer's work in communications and spin has previously extended to Central Asia – including work with the law firm that …
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