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PostHeaderIcon Social Media Mastery!

Overcome The Mountain Of Information And MASTER Social Media!

COMING November 13, 2010!

This is a LIVE in-person training series where you will learn what you need to know in order to Surf The Social Media Tsunami!

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  • LIVE Training Event ($1497 Value)
    • Session 1: Social Media Branding
    • Session 2: Get Your Facebook On!
    • Session 3: Twitter Your Way To Millions
    • Session 4: Get LinkedIn To Your Network
    • Session 5: Your Social Media Strategy
  • MASSIVE Bonuses!   (Over $900 Value!)
    • 350 Power Social Media Tactics Given To You In 7 Reports! ($47 Value)
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    • 20 Twitter Templates ($97 Value)
    • The Social Media Mastery Workbook ($397 Value)
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You’re Getting Over $2300 Worth Of Training And Education Which Translates Into REAL RESULTS All For One Low Price And A LIVE Training!

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PostHeaderIcon I’m Branding It!

Are You Ready To Finally Lay To Rest The Question…

Branding Myself Or Branding My Business

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

in Schaumburg

Should you brand yourself or your business? Hey, everyone wants to be a brand, it sounds cool. Only should you really brand yourself? Advantages, Disadvantages? And how do you use Social Media to do it?

Well if you’re ready to find out, then get ready for the event you need to attend… I’m Branding It!

In this LIVE, in-person training, you’re going to learn

What Is A Brand – Important First Step Here. Let’s dispell all the myths about what a brand is or isn’t and get straight to the bottom line!
What Should You Brand? Yourself Or Your Business
What’s Your Brand Strategy?!?
How To Use Social Media To Increase Brand Exposure
And Much, Much More…

Get Registered For All The Details Now For This Event. We’re Giving You A Ton Of Great Information In Exchange For You Helping Out The Local Business And Doing Your Part To Ignite The Economy… Or Just To Have A Great Dinner.

Like What You See And Hear? Buy Dinner For Us Too! Otherwise We Might Starve And Not Be Able To Do Anymore Trainings. (O.k. Maybe We’re Exaggerating A Little Here – Only You Get The Point).

Space is LIMITED, so click here
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Come Hungry! Hungry for knowledge that is! We’re going to give you some great information, so make sure you take some notes! And Order something good to eat too!

It starts at promptly at 6 PM CST at Pompei Little Italy In Schaumburg.
1261 East Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tel: 847-619-5001 Fax: 847-619-5002

PostHeaderIcon Living A Life Of Passion

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up. Are you now doing what you always wanted to do? If so, great! How wonderful. If not, then why not? What happened? What changed? What are you doing now? Do you enjoy what you’re doing?

Often times, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Many people get into what’s called a “comfort zone”. Let me illustrate. You wake up in the morning to an alarm clock going off. You get up and clean up, shower, shave, brush your teeth. Next, you get dressed and then go grab some breakfast (or you run out the door because you’re running late), and then head off into work. You work for 8 hours (or more) and then go home. Grab some dinner. Watch some TV. Get ready for bed (or fall asleep watching TV). Go to bed and start the next day over doing the same thing. Why do people do this? The common answer is because it pays the bills. Also, you know what to expect. You’re getting paid well. You have what you need and you’re “comfortable.”

Now, that’s not a bad thing. Please do not misinterpret what I’m saying. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable. We are creatures of comfort. There’s a warmth and security in the knowledge of comfort. The challenge is that in the back of our heads, there are always three thoughts. The first one is I must prepare for retirement. And the second thing is how secure is my job. Finally, the third thing is “How am I going to pay for that next vacation I want to take?” Let’s take a closer look at these things.
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PostHeaderIcon “Enlightenment” Your 7 days program to Positive thinking

I’m sure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can’t wait to test out. Of course you’re not the only one with the bright idea. So what motivates you to churn those creative, or even inspiring juices to its utmost flavor?

It’s always best to set up a personal goal where you can accomplish the most in record time, maybe like mowing the lawn in an hour before the big game on TV. A correct and positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

Here are some tips to make it through the week even if you’re just sitting in your favorite couch. An idea takes time to form in your head and is always at work while you are busy sitting.
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PostHeaderIcon “Who’s the Boss?”

At first glance, it would seem that positive thinking and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have nothing to do with one another. But many of us with ADD develop negative thinking patterns because we become frustrated by our challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for us to manage those challenges and move forward.

Practicing positive thinking allows people with ADD to focus on our strengths and accomplishments, which increases happiness and motivation. This, in turn, allows us to spend more time making progress, and less time feeling down and stuck. The following tips provide practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into more positive thinking patterns:
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PostHeaderIcon What is Social Networking?

Social networking, we have all likely heard of it before, but not everyone knows what it means?  If you were asked to define what social networking was, would you be able to give an accurate definition. Unfortunately, most individuals cannot, even though it is likely that they participate in some form of social networking, especially online.

Social networking is defined as the grouping of individuals together into to specific groups, often like a small community or a neighborhood. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in schools or in the workplace, it is most popular online. This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the internet is filled with millions, if not more, of individuals who are looking to meet other internet users and develop friendships.
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