PostHeaderIcon Hi im a teacher and I would like to make a test for my students please help.?

Question by The chick: Hi im a teacher and I would like to make a test for my students please help.?
I would like 18 questions total 2 questions per topic
True or false questions with correct answers.

Manifest Destiny

Rationale for Expansion

Andrew Jackson

Western Culture



“Wild West”

Settling the West


The Mining Industry

Native Americans

Reservation Policies

Trail of Tears


End of Resistance



Carpetbaggers and scalawags

Freedmen’s Bureau

Southern Economy



Discrimination in the Supreme Court

Plessy v. Ferguson

Separate but Equal

Jim Crow Laws

Loss of Civil Rights

Fighting Back

Ida B. Wells

Booker T. Washington

W. E. B. Du Bois

Industrial Revolution

Expanding industry


The Gilded Age

Laissez-Faire Capitalism


Concentrated Wealth

Business Empires




Too Much Expansion


Robber Barons

Thinkers and Philosophies

Rags to Riches

American Dream

Horatio Alger Myth

Social Darwinism

Politics of the Gilded Age

Billion Dollar Congress

Laissez-Faire Capitalism

Populist Rise

Centennial Celebration

Philadelphia in 1876

Changes in Agriculture

Affect of technology


“Old” v. “New”

Ellis Island


Population Shift


Skyscrapers, streetcars

Urban Culture

Ethnic Neighborhoods

Five Points

Private v. Public

Boss and Machine Politics

Suffering Family Values


Social Response

Social Gospel

Henry George

Hull House

The New Working Class

African Americans

Women and Children

Working Conditions

Safety Violations

Workforce Discontent

Monotonous repetitions



Labor Warfare

Employer: Black lists, lockouts, yellow-dog

Employee: Knights of Labor, strikes (Pullman)

Progressive Philosophy

Middle Class

Charles Darwin

Origins of Species

John Dewey

Progressive Programs

Conservation Movement



Settlement Houses

Progressive Presidents and Muckrakers

Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson


Upton St. Clair

The Jungle (1906)

Minorities during Progressivism

Civil Rights

The New Imperialism

International Darwinism

Alaska and Hawaii annexation

White Man’s Burden

Spanish American War

Cause and Effect

Philippines and Cuba

Panama Canal

Building Project

Recent Handover

Issues in Asia

China: Boxer Rebellion

Japan: “Gentleman’s Agreement”





Realism and Naturalism


F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby


Popular Culture


Great Fire − Chicago

Earthquake − San Francisco


Girl Scouts


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6 Responses to “Hi im a teacher and I would like to make a test for my students please help.?”

  • kelseyyyy says:

    are you kidding? you cant even make your own tests?

  • fadetoblack1337 says:

    how old are your students?

  • More or less says:

    look up trivia questions for each of your topics

  • bookish says:

    Are you kidding? You want someone to do all this for you? What’s next? Your students will come on here and ask us for all the answers? First, I doubt you’re a teacher. I’m betting this is some sort of school assignment. And if you are a teacher, you should know that T/F questions are inappropriate for these topics.

  • Bobby says:

    If you are a teacher, are you teaching all of these things or do you just expect the students to be able to answer questions on all these subjects? You know what they are learning, so you should be able to make up your own questions. If I randomly chose 18 questions on these topics, I would expect your students to miss most of them unless they are all extremely bright.

    Retired teacher.

  • Faith S says:

    What are you not providing for your students by making strangers write your exams?

    Will Smith fought a giant robot in what movie?
    -“Wild West”

    What should you do to make wine from grapes?

    Chicago burned in what aptly-named event?
    -“The Great Chicago Fire”

    For what movie were two actresses playing the same role (Rose Dawson) nominated for oscars?

    How would you find the wavelength of a photon with frequency 40 gigahertz moving through a non-dispersive medium?

    Into what category does hate not fit?

    My boyfriend lost his teeth playing D+D with what group?

    What do we all struggle with every day?
    -“The White Man’s Burden”

    What are two words ending in “-ism”
    (hint: they have to be the exact two I’m thinking of)
    -“Realism and Naturalism”

    What team is worse than the Lakers?

    What came right after “Great Fire – Chicago” in the list?
    -“Earthquake – San Francisco”

    What are nerds not good at?
    -“Sports” (also accept “sex”)

    What is the bus system in Pasadena called?

    What is the title of my roommate’s blog?
    (hint: I go to Berkeley)
    -“Issues in Asia”

    What came right after the Jungle (1905)?
    -“The Jungle (1906)”

    Use one word to describe my family relationships

    What institution should be paying all my goddamn therapy bills?
    -“Girl Scouts”

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