The Ultimate Advanced Guide To Facebook! “A Hands-On Workshop”

Are you already on Facebook? Have you already started using it only you’re not really sure how to use it to enhance your business? We’ll you’re in luck!

The Ultimate Advanced Guide To Facebook will walk you through step-by-step (with Screenshots of everything) on how to build your business using Facebook! Just look as just SOME of the items which we’ll cover in the workshop:

  1. Why Facebook? The Simple Truth
  2. Why Is Facebook So Addictive?
  3. Build A Community
  4. Using Facebook For Business
  5. Determine Your Facebook Purpose
  6. Find The Right Friends
  7. Don’t Be A SPAMMER
  8. Outsource It
  9. Who Do You Request As A Friend?
  10. 5 Steps To Creating an Event
  11. Create BUZZ For Your Event
  12. 5 Steps To Creating A Group
  13. 6 Steps To Creating A Page
  14. Facebook Groups vs. Pages
  15. Facebook Ads
  16. Best Practices for Advertising
  17. Common Ad Mistakes
  18. 5 Steps To Creating A Facebook Ad
  19. Developing Applications
  20. Suggested Applications
  21. Create A Facebook Badge
  22. Why Recruit on Facebook
  23. Facebook Recruiting Secrets
  24. Your Facebook Strategy

If you’re ready to really start using Facebook the proper way and build your business, then this is the product you need. Don’t hesitate! Order today!