The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Twitter! “A Hands-On Workshop”

All Twittered Out? Don’t know what this Twitter thing is that everyone keeps talking about? Doesn’t make sense to you why someone would want to share that they just sat down to drink a cup of coffee? Who cares right? Well millions of people care and you should to! Find out why in this insightful hands-on-workshop “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Twitter!”

Just look at this table of contents and everything you’ll learn in this workshop:

  1. Why Use Twitter?
  2. What is Twitter?
  3. Ways People Use Twitter
  4. Create Your Twitter Account
  5. Twitter Settings
  6. Follow & Be Followed
  7. Navigating & Using Twitter
  8. Reply to Tweets
  9. Re-Tweet
  10. Highlight Favorite Tweets
  11. View Your Profile, Delete Your Tweets
  12. Send & Receive Direct Messages
  13. Manage Following
  14. Manage Followers
  15. Hashtags, Search, & Trending Topics
  16. Summary of Navigating & Using Twitter
  17. Twitter “Lingo”
  18. Security / Privacy
  19. Twitter’s Terms of Use
  20. Etiquette / Do’s & Don’ts
  21. External Applications
  22. Tweetdeck
  23. Tweet Later

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