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PostHeaderIcon How to Use Social Media Marketing to Build a Business in 2015

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Build a Business in 2015
Social Media has become the new “word of mouth” which can translate into serious gains for businesses properly using social media marketing to enhance their customer experience scores. Fasturtle has revamped their Social Media Marketing … Fasturtle …
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Online news portals may now require registration
However, Salleh assured the media that the authorities had no plans to restrict the usage of social media. “We cannot be monitoring every social media user. If there is a complaint and there is basis to it, we will look into it,” he explained. Salleh …
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Moving Walls Creates Interactive Playground in the City
During the Fifa World Cup in 2014, another kind of football game was played in the busiest part of Kuala Lumpur. At the junction in Bukit Bintang, passers-by stopped, looked at The Tower, interacted through mobile websites, social media and gestures …
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PostHeaderIcon Social media – how to get it working for your business

Social media – how to get it working for your business
That's according to Simply Measured, who have released a new guide, Answering Your Boss's Questions About Your Social Media Campaigns, which looks at the many questions raised by company managers regarding the value of social media marketing. “Between …
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Survey: Shoppers' Use Of Social Media Drops, But It Remains Vital To Those Who
The use of social media as a consumer shopping aid appears to be slowing — or at best remaining flat — compared to other digital tools, according to a new survey by digital marketing company Epsilon. The survey also found reason for retail and brand …
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PostHeaderIcon 50 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement – Business 2 Community

50 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement – Business 2 Community
With all the free social media monitoring tools out there, there's no excuse for not monitoring what the audience is saying about your brand. You can use tools like Google Alerts, … Create interactive content. Have you ever got sucked into one of …
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Uniqlo denies fitting room sex tape is marketing stunt
Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has been put in an embarrassing position after a footage of two people having sex, believed to have been taken inside a fitting room of a Uniqlo outlet in Beijing, went viral on social media. The one-minute footage was …
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Interactive Intelligence to add 200 jobs in Durham
In 2012 the company opted to branch out to develop cloud-based communications platforms for businesses that replicate elements of LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook and other social media; in early 2013 the spinout was launched in Durham to develop the …
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You Can Literally Undress This 'Dating Naked' Billboard on Hollywood's Busiest
On Friday, the network will unveil an interactive Dating Naked billboard at the bustling corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. The sign will initially feature a fully-clothed image of this season's two suitors, Chris Aldrich …
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PostHeaderIcon Why Your Business Must Embrace Social Media Yesterday

Why Your Business Must Embrace Social Media Yesterday
Social channels are great because sometimes people use it to say what they are thinking. Social listening tools allow us to pick up on that, and engage with customers without them even directly asking for help.” Dane also commented at how with social …
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Clarksville Police Department warns Businesses and Sellers Using Social Media
In regards to social media, sellers are advised to take money orders only or check the cash first before handing over the property and ask for ID. If the buyer(s) is suspicious, get a license plate and take a photo if possible. Fast food businesses and …
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Social Media Savvy: 5 challenges every small business faces
Of course, we highly recommend using social media marketing as a way to reach your current and potential customers. With the power of social media, the size of your business is less important. When time is a challenge, which normally is the case with …
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PostHeaderIcon LinkedIn Acquisition Paves Way For Online Business Education

LinkedIn Acquisition Paves Way For Online Business Education
Social networking platform LinkedIn recently launched business school rankings. LinkedIn is to acquire online learning company for about $ 1.5 billion, as the social networking platform expands its services for professional users. LinkedIn …
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Should authors Rushdie to judgment as book reviewers?
Social media is a whole other universe to the writing of long-form novels and nonfiction. Essentially un-gated, it offers writers the chance to directly engage with readers and the industry about their political or cultural interests, their writing …
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PostHeaderIcon Spread Your Business Word By Utilizing Social Media Effectively

Spread Your Business Word By Utilizing Social Media Effectively
He notes that few companies have the means to develop an entire customer relationship management program. But it's feasible through social media. • Segment messages. Different demographics prefer different social media channels, such as Instagram …
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Perion Acquires MakeMeReach, Adding Social Media to Its Mobile Marketing
Founded in 2009 by CEO Pierre-François Chiron, MakeMeReach focuses on managing social advertising campaigns for global leading brands such as, L'Occitane en Provence, Armani and GroupM. "We are very excited to become a part of the …
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PostHeaderIcon Measuring The Impact Of Social Media On Your Business

Measuring The Impact Of Social Media On Your Business
This post was co-authored with Becky Ross and Shannon Gorman, both MBA students at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. Spending on social media continues to soar, but measuring its impact remains a challenge for most companies.
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Here's How Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2015
It's also important to note that when I say I'm a "social media marketer," it's important to emphasize that I began my career working with a credible and reputable agency, which is a far-cry from the fly-by-night so-called 'social media guru's' who run …
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How to use social media to get a graduate job
It almost goes without saying that if you're job hunting, it is always a good idea to follow and converse on social media with the companies you might want to work with. This will help you to develop a strong understanding of the industry you're …

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Digital Marketing Will Define Social Media in 2015
Just as SEO continues to be important in driving website traffic and advertising revenue, sites often remain the end game of social media return on investment (ROI) strategies. By replacing business jargon with natural consumer language found within …
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5 trends that could change how businesses use social media in 2015
From my perspective, however, these conflicting stats tell an entirely different story: that social media is evolving at breakneck speed and companies are struggling mightily to keep up. Businesses are reaching larger audiences and seeing increasing …
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Messaging Apps Will Be Bigger Than Social Networks In 2015
Venture capitalist Fred Wilson believes “the social media phase of the internet ended” this year. He says messaging apps have replaced social media apps, where families rely on apps like WhatsApp to communicate with each other instead of Facebook.
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“The opportunity to represent this property in a public relations and social media capacity is an honor.” Simon Chen, managing director of The Little Nell, added, “Her experience with luxury resorts, passion for the Aspen lifestyle and many …
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AirAsia CEO turns to Twitter to as jet vanishes
Managing tragedies like this requires extraordinary tact and sensitivity, consultant Papworth said, and Fernandes' ease with social networks limits the risk of a misplaced or tone-deaf comment. Fernandes is "handling it very well: he's doing it with a …
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Chevrolet hires ex-Ford social media manager to bolster strategy
Before joining SapientNitro late last year, Daitch held several management jobs at Ford, including managing the automaker's North American social media activities and car communications. Daitch, who begins today as Chevy's senior manager for social …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Business News

Graham Media Group Acquires Social Media Management Startup
CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Graham Media Group, a division of Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC), announced today that it has acquired SocialNewsDesk (, a leading creator and provider of social media management …
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IBM Launches 'Verse' Business Webmail That Integrates Social Media
International Business Machine Corp on Tuesday launched a new email application for businesses that integrates social media, file sharing and analytics to learn a user's behavior and predict interactions with coworkers. The application is part of IBM's …
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South Norfolk Business Forum meeting features social media expert
Business writer Huw Sayer will speak to forum members about engagement via social media. He is billed as an expert with social media and will have information and tips for everyone on how they can improve and engage with clients, prospective and …
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