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Social media's charts and metrics turn us into quantified digital versions of
The social network now lets you track and chart who's viewed your posts, complete with a “performance summary” and a colorful demographic breakdown. The new analytics tool extends last year's big feature update, which encouraged users to see how they …
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'Fantastic Four' rules buzz chart
Superhero reboot Fantastic Four has topped the UK Movie Buzz Chart ahead of its release this weekend, according to social media analysis film Way To Blue. The film, about four young people imbued with superpowers, generated nearly 9,300 comments …
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This chart shows just how badly HSBC got slayed on social media for being late
But one bank that was supposed to come online this week, HSBC, was hit by delays, and new analysis from social media monitoring company Brandwatch shows the bank got absolutely killed on social media for the slip up. The chart below shows that …
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A Tale of Two Taylors: Swift No. 1, James No. 3 on Billboard Artist 100
The Artist 100 blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity. While Swift … 30 peak to-date on the Adult Contemporary airplay …
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These 4 charts tell you everything you need to know about journalism's biggest
If the number of people getting their news from social media continues to rise, that's all to the benefit of the Facebooks of the world. But what about the organizations providing that content? Selling advertising around a single article isn't like …
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Facebook Video Views and Posts: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
… to Facebook for Videos.” Data analysed by the company showed that, when it came to video publishing and marketing, social media marketers and content creators were leaving YouTube and flocking straight to Facebook. … Then, I took a second look at …
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Top Story: The Key to Content-Heavy Apps
The app aggregates readers' social media feeds and news interests in one place and teaches readers to "flip" pages featuring beautifully rendered images. Long gone are the days of clicking on boring old links. The creators opted for a design devoid of …
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MIT Media Lab gets M to major in social studies
Twitter is investing the cash with the Cambridge lab to help chart the future of social media. “We are looking at developing technologies that can analyze … the public sphere, all the different kinds of media, mass media and social media that make up …
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Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney tops chart of UK
England and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has become the most popular British athlete on social media by going past the 10 million followers mark on Twitter. The social network released the figures to mark Rooney hitting the milestone, which …
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Why 'Dancing With the Stars' is the Most Social Show on TV
The show is a staple on both Nielsen's main TV ratings chart and its Twitter TV ratings chart – even with the NFL and fall TV to compete with. Its success can be largely attributed to how it finds … Jason George: Fan participation in competition …
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Facebook social login trends for 2014
Social networking is becoming more popular each day, and not just for the general public. Many brands, businesses are getting on board and this is making the social login numbers rise very fast indeed. If you look at the chart below it asks the …
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This Chart Shows Just How Much Facebook Dominates The Social Media World
73% of online adults now use at least one social network, with Facebook as the dominant platform in the number of users, "but a striking number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms." 42% of online adults now use more than one social …
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Bieber 'retirement' claim catapults him to top of social media chart
Justin Bieber was the most liked star on Facebook with nearly 2 million new fans liking his official page after he announced that he would be retiring from music, only to retract the claims days later. ― Reuters picLOS ANGELES, Dec 26 ― It seemed …
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The Complicated State Of Social Media Stocks [Google Inc, Facebook Inc
An interesting dilemma for investors going forward will be whether the investment potential exists in finding the social network concept that has staying power or the stock that provides a tool to interact or take advantage of the data present in any …
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Question by Saki: how do i create a gantt chart for an advertising campaign?
i know what a gantt chart is..but i don’t know how to create a gantt chart for an advertising campaign about one year. can somebody give me some examples…just few simple ones… please ..thank you : )

Best answer:

Answer by lateralthinker
You can create one for free using excel. For instructions go to youtube and search ‘free excel gantt chart’

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Dr. Kaye Sweetser from UGA quickly discusses making a plan for the charts and graphs you want to use in an eventual report before you start coding. This is a part of a social media measurement series for her students called “1 Metric, 1 Minute.”
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