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Candidate's social media posts raise concern about anti-Muslim bigotry
“The candidate has to be able to understand Dearborn's diverse communities and see themselves as part of a movement to improve Dearborn's education and infrastructure,” he said. “They should be sensitive towards the civil rights issues and bigotry the …
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The Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process For Social Media Marketing Success
Social intelligence: Lots of people are talking about big data and social analytics, but according to Fox social intelligence is more tactical than strategic; it's where you discover just how savvy your organization is when it comes to social. Social …
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5 Essential Social Media Metrics You Need To Know
So what's the big deal? This is the Holy Grail for Social Media Marketers. From engagement rates and number of mentions to top performing tweets and top followers, the dashboard should be your daily go-to to understand your Twitter profile performance.
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Is Your Social Media Ad Budget in the Right Hands?
According to recent figures from eMarketer, by the time the year is out, advertisers will have spent nearly $ 24 billion on paid media on social networks, a 33.5% increase on last year. North American companies are forecast to spend the most, at $ 10 …
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Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them [Infographic]
It's smarter to focus on the one or two social media platforms that give you the best chance of reaching your intended audience — you can always expand later on. The focus should be on building real relationships rather than inflate your community …
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Social Media Specialist and Community Manager
Or client is one of South Africa's leading online car advertising websites.And they are currently looking for a social media specialist and community manager to join their team. You'll need: – Multi-platform experience – Knowledge in Hootsuite …

B2B Marketing On Social Media: The Dos & Don'ts
We all know that social media is an invaluable tool for marketing and communicating with potential customers and actual customers – but in addition to being crucial for B2C marketing, it can also be an extremely effective platform for B2B marketing too.
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Social Media Community Manager
If you spend just as much time on social media as you do viewing the latest cars, this could be your dream job! Our client is looking for a young, dynamic social media creative to manage their online platforms, research the latest automotive trends …

Social Media Community Manager – Reading – Contract
The Social Media Community Manager is a key component within the social media strategy. This role will serve as the voice to our consumers throughout the client's owned social channels, as well as off owned. The community manager is responsible for …
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Social Media Explodes After UFC's Reebok Deal Goes Into Effect – What Does The
Back in December 2014, UFC announced a landmark deal unlike any they'd made deal before. For six years, Reebok would be the exclusive outfitter and apparel provider for the organization. This includes “Fight Week” gear, “Fight Night kit,” and UFC fan …
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The Strengths and Limitations of Social Media Listening: A Q&A with Sailthru
North America is expected to lead the expansion of the market, according to MarketsandMarkets' 2014 report. As more companies invest in social listening, an important question emerges: Can tuning in to social media really help companies drive revenue?
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75 Percent of Parents Use Social Media as Main Source of Advice, Study Says
But almost half of all parents said they specifically turned to their online networks when they needed advice or a sense of community. “Overall, 42 percent of parents who use social media say that in the previous month, they received social or …
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What To Post: 15 Creative Ideas For B2B Social Media Content
They use their best ideas in the first year of social updates. It can be difficult to think of what to post month after month. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that businesses can build an active community on social media without falling back on …
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50 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement – Business 2 Community
With all the free social media monitoring tools out there, there's no excuse for not monitoring what the audience is saying about your brand. You can use tools like Google Alerts, … Create interactive content. Have you ever got sucked into one of …
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Uniqlo denies fitting room sex tape is marketing stunt
Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has been put in an embarrassing position after a footage of two people having sex, believed to have been taken inside a fitting room of a Uniqlo outlet in Beijing, went viral on social media. The one-minute footage was …
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Interactive Intelligence to add 200 jobs in Durham
In 2012 the company opted to branch out to develop cloud-based communications platforms for businesses that replicate elements of LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook and other social media; in early 2013 the spinout was launched in Durham to develop the …
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You Can Literally Undress This 'Dating Naked' Billboard on Hollywood's Busiest
On Friday, the network will unveil an interactive Dating Naked billboard at the bustling corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. The sign will initially feature a fully-clothed image of this season's two suitors, Chris Aldrich …
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Social media use and teens
It can be hard for parents to know exactly what is normal regarding teenage behavior, particularly in regards to social media and cell phone use. The constant changes in social media and smartphones mean that parents have little that they can relate to …
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Moving To Another Level On Social Media
another level on social media When I first started with social media, I was all about the follower counts on Twitter. I quickly learned that there were tools out there that could help me build a strong follower count very quickly. I quickly built …
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Top 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business (Infographic)
Social Media Marketing Gives You Great Audience Insight – Pew Research Center highlighted that up to 96% of of internet users aged 18 to 29 years old from the African American online community use social media. 8. Social Media Marketing Improves …
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Help promote community events via social media this summer
If you want to assist organizers and have a little fun in the process, use social media to promote one of these events on social media before, during and after you go. Not only is it a quick and easy task, but you'll get to show off the good time you …
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Marketing: 7 Social Media Hacks for Busy Event Planners
Especially if your event is recurring, success is directly linked to creating and fostering a community of event-goers or people who aspire to go to your event. This generates excitement and goes hand-in-hand with pushing out content that your fans …
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@BritishPolice: Research, Policy and Community on the Frontiers of Social Media
Policing in the United Kingdom is in the midst of a quiet but revolutionary experiment to make itself proactively available to the public by way of social media, and particularly Twitter, in unprecedented numbers and across the chain of command, to …
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Community moderator takes social media role very seriously
City resident Bea McManis usually spends three hours or more as moderator of the Facebook site Batavia Neighborhood Watch. The volunteer job has allowed her to help stimulate conversation and community involvement through online posts, she says.
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Kings of the Cashtag – Analysing Cashtags Using a Social Media Monitoring Tool
For investors and investor relations professionals everywhere, keeping track of such fast moving and constantly fluctuating information was probably hard enough before the advent of social media. But now with the worldwide usage of social media sites …
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Ready, Set, Connect: Seven Social Media Tools That Make an Impression
Ready, Set, Connect: Seven Social Media Tools That Make an Impression image Social Twenty years ago, GeoCities made its online debut. As one of the world's first social media communities, GeoCities set the benchmark for future sites like Twitter and …
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Social Media Community Manager
Is building social community ingrained you just can't stop? Do you take pride in customer service excellence? Do you understand social media and why feeds are important? We seek a highly motivated individual with experience and passion for blogging, …

Law enforcement using social media, talking directly to community
Social media users around the world are showing no of slowing down their tweets and Facebook posts about the conflict. The St. Louis County Police Department, the agency involved, has been active on Twitter since the incident on Aug. 9. Officials are …
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Maricopa Community Colleges grows social media influence
Maricopa Community Colleges officials say the educational entity has reached a significant social media milestone. To date, Maricopa Community Colleges has been “liked” or “followed” upwards of 50,000 times across their top three platforms, Facebook, …