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Fracking Firm Encourages Industry to Imitate Taco Bell's Twitter Strategy
Can fracking firms win public support through social media by replicating the whimsical style of Taco Bell's Twitter account? That was one of the goals discussed at an Energy Digital Summit event with Brittany Thomas, an external affairs coordinator …
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Kevin O'Leary: Social media can make your small business look BIG, for
The best investment startup companies can make is in mastering the fine art of social media, because it can help propel you into something big at practically no cost. “You've got to be everywhere all of the time,” said Kevin O'Leary, Chairman of O …

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Halal certification secures Emirates deal for Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt
A milk products company which announced it would ditch its Halal certification after it was targeted on social media has now reinstated it and won back a deal to supply Emirates Airlines. The Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company, south of Adelaide, found …
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Why Brands Boycotting Social Media Is A Recipe for Failure
You can't always control the message but you can provide a positive social media experience for a consumer that could earn instant loyalty. The ROI for social media in general makes it well worth it for companies to invest some serious time and thought …
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Social Media Continues to Pose Compliance Risks to Companies
A 12-month study of the social media pages of Fortune 100 companies found an average of 69 probable violations of U.S. regulatory standards, more than 80 percent affecting financial firms, according to a report published on May 12 by security provider …
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These Chicago Travel Companies Ranked the Best at Using Social Media
“As social media is increasingly becoming an all-purpose communication tool, the hotel industry excels by providing real-time information to their customers on their social media channels. Companies like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Hyatt Hotels …
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When SocialMedia Companies Censor Sex Education
Inconsistency persists across the board when it comes to sex and social media. While Bedsider cannot have its tweets link back to its website if the homepage features any content deemed too sexual, Playboy has been able to promote its Twitter account …
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Following the Social Media Rules for Pharma and Medical Device Companies
Counsel representing these companies should be familiar with several interpretive guidance documents the FDA released last year that help explain the agency's thinking as it grapples with emerging and future social media platforms. The issuance of …
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Social Media Can Help And Hurt Companies During Product Recalls
Companies are starting to embrace social media as a viable disclosure channel for product recalls, with the goal of limiting and repairing damage to the firms' reputation. Using a sample of 405 consumer product recalls between 2000 and 2012 …
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How The Super Bowl Resonated Across Digital And Social Media
-The “Like a Girl” ad for Always, which urged people to stop using that phrase as a slight against women, scored by far the largest positive emotional lift percentage-wise among Super Bowl advertisers, according to the social media research firm …
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Main Street Hub Lands M To Bring Social Media Marketing To Small Business
Main Street Hub, a company that helps mom and pop businesses run social media marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation recently announced it has received $ 20M in debt financing from Silicon Valley Bank.
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10 Companies That Totally Rock Customer Service on Social Media
The way you interact with your customers can truly make or break your business. Especially now, in the age of social media — word spreads quicker than you can imagine, and all it takes is a few bad experiences to ruin your business's reputation. To …
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The biggest corporate social media blunders of 2014
Sainsbury's found itself targeted in a social media backlash after a poster, which was meant for internal use only, accidentally appeared in the window of one of the supermarket's east London stores. The staff incentive, called the “Fifty Pence …

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100 Top Social Media Marketing Companies Named by for
Businesses looking for distinguished social media marketing firms access the rankings at Each firm highlighted within the rankings has been put through a rigorous analysis to decide how well they perform compared to industry standards and …
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Forget engagement: This holiday season, social media is all about getting
This holiday season, brace yourself for a new paradigm in social marketing — one that values sales over status updates and commerce over engagement. Last holiday season, social marketers for major retail brands saw how many fans they could corral or …
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Social Media Companies and Material Support
Over the past several months, there has been increasing focus on terrorist use of social media. In the immediate aftermath of the execution of reporter James Foley by ISIL in July, the State Department acknowledged that, along with the Department of …
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Facebook and Twitter earnings: A tale of two social media companies
The market has finally caught on to a game both companies have been playing. Social networks are spending serious cash to meet lofty growth expectations. At times, expenses they incur to obtain revenue can outpace growth in revenue itself.
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Customers Want Answers on Social Media — Don't Leave Them Hanging
So why do businesses fail at giving customers the responses they need on social media? Caravella said that it's partly due to the overwhelming volume of responses, which may indicate that businesses simply don't have the right tools and resources in …
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Social media consulting company Hootsuite joins billion club
Hootsuite, which calls itself "the world's most widely used social relationship platform," is known for its social media 'dashboard' that allows corporate users and others to manage and monitor Twitter and other social media posts, to help in marketing …
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How a company can lose its voice to social media gaffes
The story of how I came to cross paths with a company called Sprinklr bears relating. Back in February, my flight had just been called at the departures lounge at Newark airport when I saw a big ad posted in the middle of the room. SPRINKLR, said the …
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The Big List of The 61 Best Social Media Tools
Social Media Monitoring Tools List A smartphone displays the Metropolitan Police's Twitter feed during a 2011 protest against government guts in London. Companies are increasingly turning to monitoring social media to improve their businesses.
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Social Media Questions Pharma Companies Should Be Asking
For pharma companies, entering the social media scene is not as simple as just creating a Facebook page or learning how to tweet in 140 characters or less. Social media poses a regulatory and litigation maze that must be carefully navigated. Here …
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Question by Babe: what are some ways that companies persuade people to buy their products?
can you please describe some ways on how companies “get” us to purchase their products and what they do so we get their attention?
please help!

Best answer:

Answer by Elliott
On of the hottest ways for companies to persuade people to buy their products is through social media. Here’s a link to a list of different companies using social media to persuade people to purchase their products or services.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!