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'Good Samaritan QC cop' goes viral on social media
good-cop There are still good cops around. A photo of a Quezon city policeman has gone 'viral' online—this time, it's a positive one. The subject of the Facebook post is Project 4 policeman, SPO1 Ariel Camiling, of the QCPD Station 8, who helped a …

#FactsNotFear: Social media campaign directed at busting Ebola myths
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Social media is still erupting since news broke that Amber Joy Vinson, the second nurse infected with Ebola, traveled to and from Cleveland. As expected, social media feeds can either be a great source of information or a terrible one.
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Lululemon received a lesson in social media
“Just because your name is out there, it's not necessarily a good thing.” Williams, too, has learned that social media cuts both ways. She's gotten a lot of kudos about sticking up for Buffalo, but a lot of flack as well. “I think it's a great tool for …
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On National Coffee Day, fans show good taste: Social media reaction
Around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, the popular beverage warmed hands and boosted attention spans of everyone from occasional sippers to hardcore imbibers across social media Monday. Click here if viewing on a mobile device · Click here to …
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11 key predictions on the future of social media
4, 2004, we've seen social media evolve from a fad to a phenomenon that has triggered a paradigm shift in the way the world communicates. It has empowered individuals to voice their opinions and concerns and share content on their mobile devices in …
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Ello review – is this new ad-free social network any good?
It's a good way of separating the wheat from the chaff in your online life and it's an idea that Twitter should definitely steal NOW. You can post text, videos and pics (including GIFs and emojis) and, unlike Twitter, you're not hampered by a character …

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When Good People Share Bad Things: The Basics of Social Media Verification
If trust is the most important factor in developing relationships between audiences and news producers, verifying material that comes from social media takes on even greater importance as a way to ensure the credibility and reliability of journalists …
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Using Social Media for Your Company's Good
Bottom Line: When employees use social media, they can do great harm to their company's status or enhance its image. The best way to prevent damage is to provide employees with multiple channels, including traditional means, through which to air their …
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Social media monitoring by employers predicted to rise
A third of young people would be happy for their employer to have access to their social media profiles in return for job security, according to a report that claims such personal data monitoring will become more commonplace. The report, written by …
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“Use of social media is good when it adds value to communication strategy”
MUMBAI: Social-mobile-video marketing is an area waiting to be explored, at least in the Indian context. However, players like Digital Quotient – which already has a presence in the field with over 70 staff across key locations in India – will continue …

The Fetid Social Media Milk of Bashtags
One of the most interesting pieces of the social media mentality has been that of causation. Basically, it appears that everyone suddenly has an interest in every cause that pops up on social media. While this can be good for the causes, this also …
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OPINION: Social media for social good
I've written previously about the dark side of social media. But there's a nice side too. A Facebook friend and former colleague of mine, Jackie Eastham, made the national news this week in a story about how she helped an obese, alcoholic man in …
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UCC to control internet, social media content…
Some social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow undesirable content which is not good for our people,” came his emphasis. The UCC boss said they also intend to formulate a policy and push for a law after a thorough study. “We shall not band …
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Question by kristian: Any good english speakers?
Can someone explain my exam question to me? I know what it means, just wanting to be on the safe side! “Analyse and assess the role of some English-language media in international society”

Best answer:

Answer by lamus_maser
This is asking you to look at what effects English based media has on the world. Since this is an exam, it will want a few paragraphs to an entire essay, so make sure you make several points of claim, and defend them well.

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Delhi polls: Why AAP, BJP are taking social media seriously
Arvind Gupta also says that where Dr Harsh Vardhan's presence on social media is concerned, “Even though he was declared the candidate a few days ago, the response to him on social media has been good. In the coming days, we plan to hold online …
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How to Practice Good Social Media Etiquette
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Social Media is a part of our daily life in 2013, but it comes with major risks and potential rewards. How do you protect your privacy? How do you maximize the reach of your business's social media marketing? What is ok to post …
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Question by sim: What makes a drawing “good” in your eyes?
What makes you stand in front of a drawing for a few more seconds instead of walking on by. I am putting up my first drawing (the medium will be pencil) for a show, and I am a novice in it and am quite lost. But I am going to do my best. I just want it to be something worth being there. It’s going to be a learning experience creating it. So what makes a piece good in your eyes? What are those qualities in that artwork if you could separate them?

Best answer:

Answer by Karra B
To me, for a drawing to be good, I like to see harmony, balance and theme. I, personally, do not
enjoy blobs on canvas. lol. I like to see and recognize the theme, then balance and harmony to me are very important. They make the picture worth viewing.

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Question by dREAM™: What is a good idea for my Senior Project?
I did my Junior Paper on the effects that media has on young people in the United States. I wrote about the negative effects of media on them. I kind of want to create a project that shows how media can have good effects, or how it should change so it would have good effects instead of negative ones, so I was thinking about doing a “good media” magazine… but I have no idea how I’d go about it…

Best answer:

Answer by layla
I think one of the ways you can go about this is to talk about how people today are using the media, instead of just consuming it and having it effect them.

I think the days of just sitting on a couch in front of the television consuming media are slowly evaporating, although probably slower in the United States where people are more dependent and trusting of their media. But all around the world people are looking for new ways to read and create news.

Find out about the change in trends in media. What does media mean today and how are we utilizing it? A good focus would be social media, and the powerful machine it has become all around the world, and a way for people to campaign, revolt and get their stories out fast. This is a “positive” effect (although in my opinion positive and negative is subjective so I wouldn’t make it so black and whilte)

You can also include how social media has made communication between businesses and their customers a lot easier, faster and efficient, which means the consumer can get his issues resolved much faster, and this is great for business. The majority of businesses today have Facebook and twitter accounts. In some parts of the world some businesses are run solely through Social media, where people display their goods on Facebook directly to their customers, getting instant feedback and suggestions.

I hope this helps. I also suggest searching through Google Scholar for studies done on this as they will definitely contain valuable ideas on how to approach this subject.

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PostHeaderIcon Is this a good thesis for an argumentative essay or is it too broad?

Question by Lisa M: Is this a good thesis for an argumentative essay or is it too broad?
My original thesis was:

“The media’s perception of the ideal body has harmful effects on people, young and old, and can lead to eating disorders.”

My professor (this is for Eng Comp II in college) said this was too broad and also didn’t showcase my opinion or side of the argument.

Here’s my revised thesis that I plan on sending in today:

“Magazine advertisements and social media websites’ perception of the ideal body has harmful effects on teens and can lead to eating disorders.”

Is that still to broad? Could I narrow it down to something like how Pro Ana/Mia sites outright promote eating disorders?

Best answer:

Answer by Jules
Yeah. Narrowing it down to Pro Ana/Mia might be better.

Do people even still read magazines anymore? I know I don’t. I just go on tumblr and pinterest.

There are a lot of articles on pro ana tumblrs. Last year, tumblr changed its terms and conditions so they could help get rid of pro ana tumblr. it only made a fraction of a dent though because tumblr is so free and there is no way they could get rid of them. It didn’t help in my opinion. But this way it shows that they do not promote people to make pro ana tumblrs.

There are also a lot of videos on youtube that have huge views.

You could also use quotes from tumblr and comments and quotes from youtube to support your case.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Suggest me some good tips for free church marketing on Social Media?

Question by Julio: Suggest me some good tips for free church marketing on Social Media?
I want to do online marketing for my church on social media, especially on Facebook. Please give me some best tips..
Thanks in Advance.

Best answer:

Answer by wealthy
Create a facebook page and get likes and reader of your post.

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