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PostHeaderIcon Social Media Can Help And Hurt Companies During Product Recalls

Social Media Can Help And Hurt Companies During Product Recalls
Companies are starting to embrace social media as a viable disclosure channel for product recalls, with the goal of limiting and repairing damage to the firms' reputation. Using a sample of 405 consumer product recalls between 2000 and 2012 …
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How The Super Bowl Resonated Across Digital And Social Media
-The “Like a Girl” ad for Always, which urged people to stop using that phrase as a slight against women, scored by far the largest positive emotional lift percentage-wise among Super Bowl advertisers, according to the social media research firm …
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Main Street Hub Lands M To Bring Social Media Marketing To Small Business
Main Street Hub, a company that helps mom and pop businesses run social media marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation recently announced it has received $ 20M in debt financing from Silicon Valley Bank.
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PostHeaderIcon Husk Signs uses social media to help Vand. Co. investigators in burglary ring case

Husk Signs uses social media to help Vand. Co. investigators in burglary ring case
Officials say they expect to charge two other people and plan to file more charges against the four already in custody. "We've had lots of cooperation with the shop, with the local public, Facebook, all kinds of social media," Monte Williams with Husk …
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How Moviepilot Uses Laser-Focused Social Media Campaigns To Reach Oscar
The Golden Globe Awards are behind us and the Academy Award nominations will be announced first thing Thursday morning. Whereas the Globes are chosen by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and a show like the People's Choice …
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What Teens Really Think About YouTube, Google+, Reddit and Other Social
Based on the social anxiety that can come from posting on social media in a public forum (especially when you're posting a video), many of my peers left the network after their Vines had little interaction (hardly any likes/loops/comments). However, an …
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PostHeaderIcon Training workshops help York SMEs with social media

Training workshops help York SMEs with social media
Pick & Mix Marketing Solutions, the York-based social media marketing company, has unveiled a new range of training workshops aimed at helping small businesses benefit from social media. The training sessions will help companies understand social …
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San Francisco Bay Area SEO & Social Media Training, Announced by Jason
Jason McDonald (, a top San Francisco Bay Area SEO and Social Media expert, is proud to announce his latest combined SEO and social media marketing workshop to be held as part of Stanford University's Continuing Studies …
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Social Media Economies of Scale Start With Your Staff
Get a Handle on the Social Media Aptitude of your Staff. Understand how savvy your staff is about social media and think about at least rudimentary training for the appropriate social platform(s). Bring in an agency or consultant to backfill core …
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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: I just cant seem to be able to decide on a dog breed? Any Help?

Question by нєℓℓσ кιтту вαву: I just cant seem to be able to decide on a dog breed? Any Help?
If my plan works out for me, I will be getting a puppy June, 2010! I am beyond excited :). I have been waiting for a very long time, and my parents feel that by then I will be responsible enough. They already feel I am responsible, But im still in school and I need to finish the year. I will be almost 15 when I get this puppy.

I just have one small problem.. I cant decide on a breed. I am scared that when summer 2010 comes around, I still will be unsure and I will ruin my chances of getting my dream puppy. I know that I want a small-medium dog. Nothing Over 50-60 pds. I want a dog that I can be able to play with [throw a ball, frisbee, play in the snow]. I want a dog that can jog & run with me, but at the same time, I want a dog that will stay loyal to me and love to cuddle. I want a dog that is going to be very friendly to everyone, but yet still be My dog. I live in Wisconsin, and we have long cold winters [usually] and hot summers. I need a dog that will be able to survive both of these. My parents have two dogs [almost 1 year old Weim. & 2 year old Cocker Spaniel] and we also have a cat. We live in town, on about 2 acres of land. I go to school like I said, but after school I am home, and most of the time on the weekends I am home also. My mom doesnt work, so she would be watching my puppy during the day. Some breeds that I have been considering are;
Yorkshire Terrier
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Shiba Inu
Shih Tzu
Miniature Australian Shepherd

Oh, I forgot to add.. i want a dog that will be fairly easy to potty train too.
If you think you know a breed that would be good for me, please dont be afraid to suggest it. That is why im asking this question in the first place. I really need someones help! Thanks!

*Also.. For a first time dog, what would be better.. Male or Female?
Is there really any difference?
By the way, before people start yelling at me, I know that there is no such thing as a Miniature Australian Shepherd.. and that they arent a AKC registered breed. Yes, I know this. But I need a dog that will work for me, and size wise an australian shepherd is just too big.
Yes, I would for sure be altering my dog. I dont want any puppies anytime!
Yes, I understand the whole thing that there is no such thing as a ‘Miniature Australian Shepherd.’ The dog would be completely indoors [only outside to potty and play].

Best answer:

Answer by Angela
A miniture shih tzu is probably your best bet. I have a chichuchua and I love her but she is a lap dog and she takes the her owner. Every one is nice

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PostHeaderIcon Hi im a teacher and I would like to make a test for my students please help.?

Question by The chick: Hi im a teacher and I would like to make a test for my students please help.?
I would like 18 questions total 2 questions per topic
True or false questions with correct answers.

Manifest Destiny

Rationale for Expansion

Andrew Jackson

Western Culture



“Wild West”

Settling the West


The Mining Industry

Native Americans

Reservation Policies

Trail of Tears


End of Resistance



Carpetbaggers and scalawags

Freedmen’s Bureau

Southern Economy



Discrimination in the Supreme Court

Plessy v. Ferguson

Separate but Equal

Jim Crow Laws

Loss of Civil Rights

Fighting Back

Ida B. Wells

Booker T. Washington

W. E. B. Du Bois

Industrial Revolution

Expanding industry


The Gilded Age

Laissez-Faire Capitalism


Concentrated Wealth

Business Empires




Too Much Expansion


Robber Barons

Thinkers and Philosophies

Rags to Riches

American Dream

Horatio Alger Myth

Social Darwinism

Politics of the Gilded Age

Billion Dollar Congress

Laissez-Faire Capitalism

Populist Rise

Centennial Celebration

Philadelphia in 1876

Changes in Agriculture

Affect of technology


“Old” v. “New”

Ellis Island


Population Shift


Skyscrapers, streetcars

Urban Culture

Ethnic Neighborhoods

Five Points

Private v. Public

Boss and Machine Politics

Suffering Family Values


Social Response

Social Gospel

Henry George

Hull House

The New Working Class

African Americans

Women and Children

Working Conditions

Safety Violations

Workforce Discontent

Monotonous repetitions



Labor Warfare

Employer: Black lists, lockouts, yellow-dog

Employee: Knights of Labor, strikes (Pullman)

Progressive Philosophy

Middle Class

Charles Darwin

Origins of Species

John Dewey

Progressive Programs

Conservation Movement



Settlement Houses

Progressive Presidents and Muckrakers

Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson


Upton St. Clair

The Jungle (1906)

Minorities during Progressivism

Civil Rights

The New Imperialism

International Darwinism

Alaska and Hawaii annexation

White Man’s Burden

Spanish American War

Cause and Effect

Philippines and Cuba

Panama Canal

Building Project

Recent Handover

Issues in Asia

China: Boxer Rebellion

Japan: “Gentleman’s Agreement”





Realism and Naturalism


F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby


Popular Culture


Great Fire − Chicago

Earthquake − San Francisco


Girl Scouts


Best answer:

Answer by judy
LOL. Good one!

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PostHeaderIcon Google Files a Patent to help you Manage your Online Activities on Social Media

Google Files a Patent to help you Manage your Online Activities on Social Media
Google Files a Patent to help you Manage your Online Activities on Social Media. Google has filed an application to patent a new technology on which will allow the users to manage their Social Media accounts easily from one single place. Google …
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Monetize Your Social Media Campaigns With These Tech Tools
Numerous tech tools can help professionals manage social media accounts, even taking care of posts for them. But with so many tools on the market today, how can a professional possibly sort through them all? To help, I've put together a list of some of …
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Google patents robot help for social media burnout
If maintaining your presence on social media is becoming a burden, Google may be able to help. The search giant has patented plans for software which slowly learns how you react on social networks. The software can mimic your usual responses to updates …
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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: i cant get two java scripts to work on one page?? can u please help?

Question by Hendrick: i cant get two java scripts to work on one page?? can u please help?

Hendrick Boards

Best answer:

Answer by Acestuff
No-one is going to really know what the problem is from what you’ve said. Alll you’ve done is said something about 2 “java scripts” and pasted a load of HTML code. For a start, your code does not have 2 java scripts – it embeds 4 external javascript files (note the difference between “java” and “javascript” because they’re completely different!)

What is wrong with them? Do they not do what you expect? What happens?

General pointers:
– Ensure all variables are encapsulated (ie not global) as this may cause problems between scripts used together.
– Load CSS in the head before you load any JS
– Load JS only when required (probably not in the head). This gives the appearance that pages load faster
– Ensure that your javascript files are not addressing things in the body because if they are they won’t be able to do anything because you’ve loaded them in the head!

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Can anyone help me out how to use Facebook with my new launch business?

Question by anon: Can anyone help me out how to use Facebook with my new launch business?
“I have just started a new personal business for woman’s community. we have a large quantity of cosmetics products but I don’t know how to market and promote..does it work to use facebook for marketing purpose I wanna know about
The most important aspect of any social media effort and How to use Facebook to expand my business”

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew
I understand why you want to make money on facebook. It is th largest of all social media.They have over 350 million user and people spend an average of 34 minutes on facebook.
I read about this in a course by Ian David Chapman and Robert Grant. They got over 350000 people on their lists from Facebook.
1. Select a niche which i assume is your business for woman’s community.
2. Create a fan page on facebook for your niche.-This is a FREE way of getting targeted traffic.This page can also have an opt in page so you can get people on your list.
3. Provide quality information. Best to use video- it may take 5-7 interactions before a person will become your customer.
4. Answer your fans questions- This builds social proof and therefore trust

The secret of the fanpage is that when a person becomes a fan of your niche, their friends are notified also. It becomes viral.

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PostHeaderIcon Why is Christina Aguilera’s music important?? HELP.?

Question by Jennifer: Why is Christina Aguilera’s music important?? HELP.?
yeeep. kind of neeed this for music project. (; and if you would likee best answer what was her social impact in America/World ??

Best answer:

Answer by latin_runner
I think it was used to torture inmates at Guantanamo Bay to get vital information

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PostHeaderIcon can someone help me?

Question by S3IAM333: can someone help me?
I need to make a summary of this of my own opinion. Someone help me? THANK YOU.

A Chinese government thinktank is urging the country’s leaders to start phasing out its one-child policy immediately and allow two children for every family by 2015, a daring proposal to do away with the unpopular policy.
Some demographers view the timeline put forward by the China Development Research Foundation as a bold move by a body close to the central leadership. Others warn that the gradual approach, if implemented, would still be insufficient to help correct the problems that China’s strict birth limits have created.
Xie Meng, a press affairs official with the foundation, said the final version of the report would be released “in a week or two”. But Chinese state media have been given advance copies. The official Xinhua News Agency said the foundation recommends a two-child policy in some provinces from this year and a nationwide two-child policy by 2015. It proposes all birth limits be dropped by 2020, Xinhua reported.
“China has paid a huge political and social cost for the policy, as it has resulted in social conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth,” Xinhua said, citing the report.
But it remains unclear whether Chinese leaders are ready to take up the recommendations. China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission had no immediate comment on the report on Tuesday.
Known to many as the one-child policy, China’s actual rules are more complicated. The government limits most urban couples to one child, and allows two children for rural families if their first-born is a girl. There are numerous other exceptions as well, including looser rules for minority families and a two-child limit for parents who are themselves both singletons.
Cai Yong, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, said the report holds extra weight because the thinktank is under the State Council, China’s cabinet. He said he found it remarkable that state-backed demographers were willing to publicly propose such a detailed schedule and plan on how to get rid of China’s birth limits.
“That tells us at least that policy change is inevitable, it’s coming,” said Cai, who was not involved in the drafting of the report but knows many of the experts who were. Cai is currently a visiting scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai. “It’s coming, but we cannot predict when exactly it will come.”
Adding to the uncertainty is a once-in-a-decade leadership transition that kicks off 8 November that will involve a new slate of top leaders installed by spring. Cai said the transition could keep population reform on the backburner or changes may be rushed through to help burnish the reputations of outgoing President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao.
There has been growing speculation among Chinese media, experts and ordinary people about whether the government will soon relax the one-child policy – introduced in 1980 as a temporary measure to curb the surging population – and allow more people to have two children.
Though the government credits the policy with preventing hundreds of millions of births and helping lift countless families out of poverty, it is reviled by many ordinary people. The strict limits have led to forced abortions and sterilisations, even though such measures are illegal. Couples who flout the rules face hefty fines, seizure of their property and loss of their jobs.
Many demographers argue the policy has worsened the country’s aging crisis by limiting the size of the young labour pool that must support the large baby boom generation as it retires. They say it has contributed to the imbalanced sex ratio by encouraging families to abort baby girls, preferring to try for a male heir.
The government recognises those problems and has tried to address them by boosting social services for the elderly. It has also banned sex-selective abortion and rewarded rural families whose only child is a girl.
Many today also view the birth limits as outdated, a relic of the era when housing, jobs and food were provided by the state.
“It has been 30 years since our planned economy was liberalised,” commented Wang Yi, the owner of a shop that sells textiles online, under a news report on the proposal. “So why do we still have to plan our population?”
Though open debate about the policy has flourished in state media and online, leaders have so far expressed a desire to maintain the status quo. President Hu said last year that China would keep its strict family planning policy to keep the birth rate low and other officials have said that no changes are expected until at least 2015.

Best answer:

Answer by ~ɕɧ!ɱ϶rΔ♪♥
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