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Are You Ready To Finally Lay To Rest The Question…

Branding Myself Or Branding My Business

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

in Schaumburg

Should you brand yourself or your business? Hey, everyone wants to be a brand, it sounds cool. Only should you really brand yourself? Advantages, Disadvantages? And how do you use Social Media to do it?

Well if you’re ready to find out, then get ready for the event you need to attend… I’m Branding It!

In this LIVE, in-person training, you’re going to learn

What Is A Brand – Important First Step Here. Let’s dispell all the myths about what a brand is or isn’t and get straight to the bottom line!
What Should You Brand? Yourself Or Your Business
What’s Your Brand Strategy?!?
How To Use Social Media To Increase Brand Exposure
And Much, Much More…

Get Registered For All The Details Now For This Event. We’re Giving You A Ton Of Great Information In Exchange For You Helping Out The Local Business And Doing Your Part To Ignite The Economy… Or Just To Have A Great Dinner.

Like What You See And Hear? Buy Dinner For Us Too! Otherwise We Might Starve And Not Be Able To Do Anymore Trainings. (O.k. Maybe We’re Exaggerating A Little Here – Only You Get The Point).

Space is LIMITED, so click here
to secure your spot now…

Come Hungry! Hungry for knowledge that is! We’re going to give you some great information, so make sure you take some notes! And Order something good to eat too!

It starts at promptly at 6 PM CST at Pompei Little Italy In Schaumburg.
1261 East Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tel: 847-619-5001 Fax: 847-619-5002