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PostHeaderIcon Studying society via social media is not so simple

Studying society via social media is not so simple
Behavioral scientists have seized on social media and their massive data sets as a way to quickly and cheaply figure out what people are thinking and doing. But some of those tweets and thumbs ups can be misleading. Researchers must figure out how to …
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OPINION — Tijerina: Social media allows society new ways of communication
In today's society, social media plays a huge role in the way we communicate with each other. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular tools people use to communicate with family, friends and even celebrities.
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Skyline View Points: Is social media a problem in our society?
A majority of social media is used in idiotic ways, in that it does nothing more than waste people's time. The fact of the matter is that the development of the internet and social media in general has done nothing more then manifest problems that …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Bookmarking News

Sports governance in the spotlight
The corruption crisis at FIFA, world football's governing body, over the awarding of the World Cups to Russia and Qatar and the new reforms on the table this week at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have put sports governance high on both the …
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At Pinterest, a New Pitch to Small Businesses
pinterest-icon In a social media market littered with high-profile failures, Pinterest is a phenom. The bookmarking site has managed to capture and sustain the attention of an overwhelmed consumer, carving its own domain in a jam-packed social media …
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PostHeaderIcon Banks seek to end Twitter fiascos with social media guidelines

Banks seek to end Twitter fiascos with social media guidelines
Back to the drawing board”. Last month, even one of Twitter's own executives, the former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Noto, came a cropper on the social networking site, when he accidentally revealed that the company should make an acquisition.
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Western Social Media Companies – At The Heart Of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Other
Social media are increasingly instrumental in spreading Al-Qaeda's ideology to the younger generation, now in their 20s or even younger, who have grown up watching video clips on YouTube and for whom social media are an integral part of life. Al-Qaeda …
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Which Companies Should Not Use Social Media
In one of the most insightful explanations of how companies can use social media, Jay Baer, the president of Convince & Convert describes seven myths relating to social media. His third myth, “that social media doesn't apply to our business,” is my …
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PostHeaderIcon Sophisticated network, social media drive Ferguson protests

Sophisticated network, social media drive Ferguson protests
This affiliate appears responsible for issuing press releases, soliciting donations, and stating public demands. Hands Up United's list of 11 demands includes immediate release of jailed protesters, identification and suspension of officers accused of …
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Verizon Enterprise Solutions: Online Shopping Increased by 12 Points on Black
Verizon Enterprise Solutions Online News Center: News releases, blog posts, media contacts and other information are available in Verizon Enterprise Solutions' online News Center at News from Verizon Enterprise …
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PostHeaderIcon 30 Seconds with Chris Brogan — What We Can All Learn From The Social Media

30 Seconds with Chris Brogan — What We Can All Learn From The Social Media
A rock star in the world of social media — Chris Brogan. So there I was, with my wife Susan, patiently waiting for our turn to step in. Camera out and ready to snap. My mind racing on what I was going to say. Now please understand I am a huge fan of …
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Chris Brogan Shares the Secret to Digital Relationships
That doesn't mean that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social network can't factor into the equation, he explained. Brogan told the story of Joe Sorge, a Milwaukee restaurateur who literally built his clientele at AJ Bombers via Twitter (check …
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Chris Brogan on How to Build a Network of Value
It took Chris Brogan – an early adopter to the world of blogging – eight years to reach his first 100 subscribers. Since then, he's become one of the most influential writers and speakers about social media and business. In his newly-released book The …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Community News

Community moderator takes social media role very seriously
City resident Bea McManis usually spends three hours or more as moderator of the Facebook site Batavia Neighborhood Watch. The volunteer job has allowed her to help stimulate conversation and community involvement through online posts, she says.
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Kings of the Cashtag – Analysing Cashtags Using a Social Media Monitoring Tool
For investors and investor relations professionals everywhere, keeping track of such fast moving and constantly fluctuating information was probably hard enough before the advent of social media. But now with the worldwide usage of social media sites …
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Ready, Set, Connect: Seven Social Media Tools That Make an Impression
Ready, Set, Connect: Seven Social Media Tools That Make an Impression image Social Twenty years ago, GeoCities made its online debut. As one of the world's first social media communities, GeoCities set the benchmark for future sites like Twitter and …
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PostHeaderIcon 100 Top Social Media Marketing Companies Named by for

100 Top Social Media Marketing Companies Named by for
Businesses looking for distinguished social media marketing firms access the rankings at Each firm highlighted within the rankings has been put through a rigorous analysis to decide how well they perform compared to industry standards and …
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Forget engagement: This holiday season, social media is all about getting
This holiday season, brace yourself for a new paradigm in social marketing — one that values sales over status updates and commerce over engagement. Last holiday season, social marketers for major retail brands saw how many fans they could corral or …
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PostHeaderIcon Using Social Media for Reaching Fitness Motivation

Using Social Media for Reaching Fitness Motivation
STATE COLLEGE, Centre County — On any popular social media site, you can see posts of people hitting the gym and giving daily updates about their work outs. A lot these updates are using hashtags to connect other social media users who have similar …
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Should Facebook issue 'health warnings' about how it uses our data?
Social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter should be forced to display 'health warnings' detailing how they use people's personal data, a group of MPs has demanded. The Commons Science and Technology Committee has warned that users need a …
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Social media terms of service may be trumped by Canadian law
Canadian privacy law may protect social media users who don't read a site's terms of use policies and unknowingly or unwittingly agree to have their information shared with other sites. "This overriding provision in our federal privacy legislation …

PostHeaderIcon Social Media in Finance: Process Is Key

Social Media in Finance: Process Is Key
In social media, conventional wisdom dictates that campaigns should be reactive, impulsive, and fun. However, for financial institutions and insurance companies, this type of approach can seem riddled with risk — the antithesis of normal business …
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The Five: Social media tips for business-to-business companies
Social media messaging is not the same for all audiences. Public relations and marketing expert Leah Ekmark Williams offers tips on how small businesses should use social media when the target audience is other businesses. Williams is vice president …
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Why 60 Million Employees Use Social Media to Advocate for Their Companies
Employees are talking about your brand on social media — in fact, 50% of employees post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employers. With nearly120 million full-time employees in the U.S., that means 60 million employees choose …

Top British Spy Warns of Terrorists' Use of Social Media
LONDON — One of Britain's highest-ranking intelligence officials on Tuesday castigated the giant American companies that dominate the Internet for providing the “command-and-control networks of choice for terrorists and criminals” and challenged the …
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PostHeaderIcon How to devise a festive social media marketing strategy

How to devise a festive social media marketing strategy
It also means that it is time to plan their seasonal marketing campaigns, and with a study by Crowdtap showing that nearly 65% of shoppers use social media to find a gift for a loved one, a festive social media strategy could be key to a bumper festive …
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A Reno-Tahoe social media marketing game plan for the holidays
It's also the place where “92% of marketers plan to spend the majority of their social media marketing budget.” For a detailed rundown on Facebook advertising, I recommend checking out our article, “How To Make Facebook Ads Work for You and Generate …
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Social Media Marketing: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Continue
If you've realized the importance of social media marketing and have decided to include it into your marketing plan for 2015, make sure you're doing it right. A social faux-pas can damage your online reputation or discredit your business. Here's a list …
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Small businesses step up holiday social media plans
Monif Clarke, founder and CEO of Monif C. Plus Sizes, hired a consultant to help her develop a holiday social media marketing plan for the New York-based women's clothing company, which includes contests promoted on Facebook with prizes such as a …
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