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PostHeaderIcon Advertisers seize on images shared via social media

Advertisers seize on images shared via social media
Brands covet such information, but it doesn't come cheap. Social networks can charge millions for easy access to user photos and information. Increasingly, it is part of the social media business model, analysts said. But what makes this service so …

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
Furthermore, connecting a business website with its corresponding social media pages helps identify official accounts. One-way communication. Social media is about conversations. While traditional marketing tactics (billboards and paper advertisements …
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PostHeaderIcon Election campaign: Student leaders take to social media

Election campaign: Student leaders take to social media
National Student Union of India (NSUI) leader Barinder Singh Dhillon said, “Over the past years, social networking websites have become an integral part of student council elections at the varsity. All parties depend extensively on them to reach out to …
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Social Media 101 kicks off WBC luncheons
She personally manages and creates original content for social media channels, websites and blogs with a combined reach of over 100,000 individuals monthly. She serves as a regular contributor to industry publications on the topic of social media and …
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The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Strategies
In a digital age, where most users have computers and mobile devices, accessing websites, social networks, and other online media, has become part of day-to-day living. Thus, many companies have adopted digital marketing strategies to continue to …
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Facebook gets backing from social media websites in NYC dispute
NEW YORK: Facebook's fight against prosecutors over nearly 400 search warrants for users' postings and other data is drawing support from other social media companies and civil libertarians. Lawyers for Foursquare, Kickstarter, Meetup, and Tumblr said …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Products News

Strengthening the brand with social media
The differences exist because of the unique way people behave on social media. Categories like sports, fashion, tech products and entertainment are well represented on Twitter because people prefer to tweet about them. Certain brands may be very strong …
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Why China Will Lead Innovation in Social and Mobile Commerce
Instead of posting some silly videos and pictures, they turn to social media to solve real life problems, to seek advice from friends and opinion leaders, and to decide what products to buy or not to buy. For example, Tmall, China's Amazon owned by …
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PostHeaderIcon 7 Reasons You Need to Be Using Social Media As Your Customer Service Portal

7 Reasons You Need to Be Using Social Media As Your Customer Service Portal
When most marketers and business owners think about the advantages of social media for their business, they think about attracting new customers to the business. Smart business owners and marketers focus on relationship building, either through regular …
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ISIS swiping hashtags as part of propaganda efforts
When the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria rolled into northern Iraq in June, CBS News reported on the Sunni militant group's sophisticated and brutal use of social media. Since then, even after U.S. airstrikes and the deletion of many of the group's …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Toolkit News

SEO is a Journey, Not a Destination.
These claims, of course, have been followed with boasts of “the next big thing” to save hotel distribution – from social media to the mobile channel and wearable devices. ….. Empowering hoteliers to maximize revenues from the direct online channel i …
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Public Lab Builds Environmental Monitoring Community, Online and Off
Diegel explains how with the help of local historians, and an open source toolkit kit to take pictures of the site from a balloon, he and a couple other volunteers might have identified the lot as the burial site for America's first casualties from the …
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The Hub Roundtable
That said, the creative toolkit that brands have at their disposal comes with a lot of power tools nowadays. Consumers have officially become digital omnivores and when you look at things like the creative …. Kawer: There are measurements for brand …
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PostHeaderIcon Social Media Community Manager

Social Media Community Manager
Is building social community ingrained you just can't stop? Do you take pride in customer service excellence? Do you understand social media and why feeds are important? We seek a highly motivated individual with experience and passion for blogging, …

Law enforcement using social media, talking directly to community
Social media users around the world are showing no of slowing down their tweets and Facebook posts about the conflict. The St. Louis County Police Department, the agency involved, has been active on Twitter since the incident on Aug. 9. Officials are …
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Maricopa Community Colleges grows social media influence
Maricopa Community Colleges officials say the educational entity has reached a significant social media milestone. To date, Maricopa Community Colleges has been “liked” or “followed” upwards of 50,000 times across their top three platforms, Facebook, …

PostHeaderIcon When Good People Share Bad Things: The Basics of Social Media Verification

When Good People Share Bad Things: The Basics of Social Media Verification
If trust is the most important factor in developing relationships between audiences and news producers, verifying material that comes from social media takes on even greater importance as a way to ensure the credibility and reliability of journalists …
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Using Social Media for Your Company's Good
Bottom Line: When employees use social media, they can do great harm to their company's status or enhance its image. The best way to prevent damage is to provide employees with multiple channels, including traditional means, through which to air their …
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Social media monitoring by employers predicted to rise
A third of young people would be happy for their employer to have access to their social media profiles in return for job security, according to a report that claims such personal data monitoring will become more commonplace. The report, written by …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Connection News

Military Connection Reaches Social Media Milestone, known as the Go To Site, has reached a milestone in its social media standing, with over a quarter million "likes" and "followers" on Facebook and Twitter. This well respected website enjoys robust traffic, which allows …

Facebook offers Zambia free Internet access
But the Menlo Park company stands to benefit greatly if it manages to connect the developing world to its social network. Working through its coalition, which includes a number of tech firms including Samsung and Nokia, Facebook has …
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Dubious, curious Arizona place names
In an age of hyperawareness fueled by social media, how do so many of these place names still exist? Part of it is location, said Mark Monmonier, … Or did he perhaps have another historic connection to the mountain? If so, only then would the board …

Professional fighter 'War Machine' arrested in connection with assault of ex
Mack, who posted photos of her injuries on social media, said Koppenhaver entered her Las Vegas home about 4 a.m. while she was with a friend, and he immediately attacked the pair. She said that Koppenhaver had beaten her “many times before, but …
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PostHeaderIcon Sitting With Death in a Social Media World

Sitting With Death in a Social Media World
We bean-count death and our social media influence. Social media gives us amazing connections for healing and support, but it's important for us to make sure that we do use it to jump too quickly from one human tragedy to another. In all of our actions …
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Daniel Negreanu: The Most Influential Poker Pro on Social Media
According to the post on the PokerStars Blog, two social media measuring systems – yes those exist – were used to calculate the influence poker players held over their followers. FollowerWonk was used to determine the influence a profile has on Twitter …

Bitcoin Update: The Influence of the Internet and Social Media on Value of
The premier tech university in Switzerland, ETH Zurich, has discovered in its latest study that public perception on digital currency is rapidly transforming. Bitcoin, rather than being an odd form of “money” for anomalous transactions, has evolved …

PostHeaderIcon How To Measure The ROI Of Your Social Media Marketing

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Social Media Marketing
How many people are visiting your site from social media channels? Tell me you know! The simplest way to measure this is to use the HubSpot sources report. But, you can also use Google Analytics and look at Acquisition > Social > Overview. Traffic from …
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10 Questions to ask in a B2B Content Marketing Questionnaire
Value to B2B content marketers: The overview portion of the questionnaire should provide a high-level look at the company or organization that's implementing the content strategy (number of employees, scale of reach, etc.). It's important to … Value …
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Amazon reviewers unload on open carry children's book
… wrinkle in his review: “Open Carry around the house breathes new credibility into the stale, old parental threat 'I brought you into this world and I can take you out!'” Some criticized the reviews as unhelpful and yet another example of a social …
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