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PostHeaderIcon Social media: new battleground in gubernatorial war

Social media: new battleground in gubernatorial war
Democratic Governor Dan Malloy and his Republican challenger Tom Foley have found that one battlefield in their electoral war has become more important since they opposed one another in 2010: social media. As Twitter, Facebook and other social …
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Cal Wilson on situations when bad language is a good thing
I got told off for swearing on Twitter this week. For those of you not into social media, I'll quickly describe what Twitter is: you only have 140 characters to send goldfish-length thoughts, interesting links and pictures of kittens, out into the …
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Mod Girl Marketing Reveals Five Creative Social Media Ideas
San Diego, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 09/18/2014 — For businesses, a social media presence needs to move beyond vanity to utilize this “great leveraging tool”. Social media can give smaller local businesses the opportunity to even out the playing field …

PRESS RELEASE: Don't criminalize discussing violence on social media, SPLC
In a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in a landmark First Amendment case, the Student Press Law Center urges the Court to set a high standard for criminally prosecuting speakers for references to violence on social media, warning of “false positive” …
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5 Tips For Dealing With UK Regulator's Latest Guidance On Social Media
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) out of the UK recently attempted to end uncertainty over what is or isn't sanctioned on social media with the release of a recent consultation paper setting out new guidelines. This paper has been long-awaited by …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Society News

Asia Society Announces First Asia Game Changer Awards
New York, USA, September 17, 2014 / – – Asia Society today announced the first-ever Asia Game Changer Awards, designed to recognize those making a transformative and positive difference for the future of Asia and …
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Is social media creating a “spiral of silence”? Polarizing our society?
I like social media as much as anyone. But liking something shouldn't blind one to its limitations and flaws. A recent study from Pew Research Center and Rutgers, focusing on the United States, looks at whether social media promote or stifle new …
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Ryerson University opens a social media lab
“We have a very vibrant and active social media community in this city,” says Jenna Jacobson, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information. Jacobson, alongside Gruzd, is one of four co-organizers for this year's Social Media …

PostHeaderIcon Are you on top of social media data?

Are you on top of social media data?
Backup tools; Ask vendor directly for content; Copy and paste into a word document; Export from social media platform in CSV format; Print and file; PDF/A (Archive); Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create a customized tool to download into …
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Top Social Networks, Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses
SurePayroll just surveyed some of them to see how they rank a wide variety of tech tools. This gallery breaks down their top five choices for social networks and social-media management tools. Learning from your peers might just save you some money and …
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The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing
And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren't sure what social media tools are the best to use. This demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to …
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Connection News

Schools tackle social media
"But it it has to legally have a connection to school. If a text was sent during the school day to another student, that's the connection to the school and we can legally do something with it. With social media and the challenges it presents, we have …
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Facebook linked to higher divorce rate
It could be that divorcees are going to Facebook to seek out new partners or to look for social support when things are already bad. While the connection between the use of social media and divorce rates is important to investigate, it would be rash to …
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Why Social Media Helps Us Mourn
"They want to connect the way he made them feel connected and so social media is an obvious and natural way for people to express that." "It's kind of nice, actually, that people who don't know each other can express that and feel the sense of the …
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PostHeaderIcon Strengthening the brand with social media

Strengthening the brand with social media
The differences exist because of the unique way people behave on social media. Categories like sports, fashion, tech products and entertainment are well represented on Twitter because people prefer to tweet about them. Certain brands may be very strong …
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#Floodageddon: Metro Detroiters share surreal flood images on social media
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PostHeaderIcon 8 steps to overcome a social media disaster

8 steps to overcome a social media disaster
Social media is used for sharing news and latest happenings, and that does not restrict negative experiences. The fact is that people will share whatever they want on social media, and when they are unhappy with your product or service, there will …
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Social Media 201 Interactive Online Event Set for September
Mediabistro has for some time been offering its Social Media 101 Interactive Online Workshop. Designed for beginners as "an interactive online boot camp," the course shows participants how to get set up on each platform, how to create meaningful …

4 ways to make the most out of social media
William Chan, GM at Metro Alliance, which distributes products of and markets British muesli brand Alpen and cereal brand Weetabix in Hong Kong, shares four tips from his experience of managing a social media heavy marketing mix for the two brands. 1.
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PostHeaderIcon Lastest Social Media Distribution News

Smart Social Media Marketing with Bobby Owsinski
As a small business owner, are you still fumbling with social media, trying to figure out how to use it to its fullest potential? You aren't the only one—developing a mastery over social media has flummoxed many a small business owner. In his new book …
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The rise of online aggregators driven by social media and smartphone apps
New communication and distribution channels such as social media and smartphone apps also offer competitive challenges. A key success strategy for online aggregators is to increase their customer base, and retain existing customers. This can be …
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For Rent Media Solutions™ and® Partner with Best-Selling Author
The expertise exemplified by For Rent Media Solutions and led Jay Baer to hand-select the brands' social media marketing expert, Erica Campbell Byrum, as co-author of his newest book. Youtility for Real Estate, which includes real-life …

PostHeaderIcon Advertisers seize on images shared via social media

Advertisers seize on images shared via social media
Brands covet such information, but it doesn't come cheap. Social networks can charge millions for easy access to user photos and information. Increasingly, it is part of the social media business model, analysts said. But what makes this service so …

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
Furthermore, connecting a business website with its corresponding social media pages helps identify official accounts. One-way communication. Social media is about conversations. While traditional marketing tactics (billboards and paper advertisements …
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PostHeaderIcon Election campaign: Student leaders take to social media

Election campaign: Student leaders take to social media
National Student Union of India (NSUI) leader Barinder Singh Dhillon said, “Over the past years, social networking websites have become an integral part of student council elections at the varsity. All parties depend extensively on them to reach out to …
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Social Media 101 kicks off WBC luncheons
She personally manages and creates original content for social media channels, websites and blogs with a combined reach of over 100,000 individuals monthly. She serves as a regular contributor to industry publications on the topic of social media and …
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The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Strategies
In a digital age, where most users have computers and mobile devices, accessing websites, social networks, and other online media, has become part of day-to-day living. Thus, many companies have adopted digital marketing strategies to continue to …
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Facebook gets backing from social media websites in NYC dispute
NEW YORK: Facebook's fight against prosecutors over nearly 400 search warrants for users' postings and other data is drawing support from other social media companies and civil libertarians. Lawyers for Foursquare, Kickstarter, Meetup, and Tumblr said …
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