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PostHeaderIcon Father's 'social media shaming' video a warning to parents

Father's 'social media shaming' video a warning to parents
A US father poised to discipline his son in a "social media shaming" video has turned the clip into a warning to parents not do something so potentially harmful. With his young son … We live in a society now where people want to record disciplining …

Thought Crime: School Principal Reassigned For Defending Police Officer in a
There's a war on cops going on and there's also a war against those who dare to defend them. In case you've missed it, there's yet another controversy over how police handled a group of rowdy teenagers at a pool party in McKinney, Texas. After …
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Julian Assange: 'Western Civilization Has Produced a God, the God of Mass
In part one, Assange talks about how we now live in surveillance society, if Facebook and Google are spying on us and how on earth WikiLeaks out-smarted the United States to rescue Edward Snowden from Hong Kong. Seung-Yoon Lee (SY): You … Maybe your …
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PostHeaderIcon Safety of social networking sites is concern to parents

Safety of social networking sites is concern to parents
High on his list of concerns about content sometimes made available are pictures that reveal the vulnerabilities of home environments, he said. Examples Kunzweiler gave of pictures "ripe for disaster" are photographs of young people at home with their …
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Top 15 most-popular social media sites
Shelby Quinlivan, director of public relations for The Ohlmann Group, said the majority of the advertising firm's clients are using at least one social networking site to advance their business. “Facebook is far … The obvious one missing from this …

Social Networking Sites Offer Numerous Benefits for the Mentally Ill
The participants also reported that ideal social networking sites would give them information about how to live independently and how to address issues that they face as a result of their mental health issues. Surprisingly, the people with mental …
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