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PostHeaderIcon Is search engine college a good program?

Question by : Is search engine college a good program?
Do their certifications mean something in the business world? Is it helpful or should I be reading elsewhere? I would like either an experienced SEO or an SEC Alumni to answer please.

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Answer by eli porter
No there are no established SEO certifications, also keep in mind that 99% of SEO and “social media” experts are worthless. SEO for some reason is very misunderstood and there are wildly varying claims to be able to achieve success with all sorts of crazy tricks. The truth of the matter is there are guidelines and basic rules of thumb to take into consideration but at the end of the day no secret tips or tricks are going to get a small rarely visited website to the top page of google in a major keyword, content is what will bring it there ultimately.

But not I would NOT pay for this or any SEO “training” everything you need to know is avaliable freely and regardless there are no industry certifications, please always give much thought to ever handing money to SEO or social media experts, these are skills most web developers (should) have on their own.

remember there are NO industry certifications, so no company is going to say “oh, you have a certification from this company that made it themselves”, they are goign to ask “what can you do…”

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PostHeaderIcon How do I learn to use social media productively for my job search?

Question by Joy H: How do I learn to use social media productively for my job search?
Re: Facebook, I’d like to get on but I don’t want to expose myself to hackers or spend an hour or more a day just managing the account, clearing out spam, etc. I’m on LinkedIn but don’t know how to use it well. I realize these tools could help me in my job search, especially by connecting with old friends and coworkers. Plus it would be nice to reconnect for the social aspect as well.

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Answer by Jay
Hello, if you’re looking to use social media for a job search, Linked-In is the best place for you to have a presence.

There are three key ways to leverage Linked-In:

1. Find your old coworkers and friends, and connect with them.

2. Join Groups — search for the key terms in your area’s of interest. For example, if you want a job in project management, join some of the project management groups, and watch and engage in the forum topics. Job opportunities are sometimes posted in these forums. But the biggest benefit is that you get to interact with other people who are already in the industry, and you can network with them, and an opportunity may come your way. If nothing else, you may get to add them to your contacts, and expand your circle.

3. Fill in your profile with your job experience and interests. That way, when recruiters and head hunters do key word searches to find applicants for the jobs they have available, they’ll be able to find your profile. So when you write your profile, bear in mind what key words you want to be found for, and use them in your profile.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Can Social Media Marketing replace Search Engine Marketing as a viable way for companies to market online?

Question by Ebay Powerseller: Can Social Media Marketing replace Search Engine Marketing as a viable way for companies to market online?
I “Stumbled Upon” which does a good job of showing the opportunities that could be available for marketers in the “Social Media” category. Not completely sold yet on it but kinda warming up to it. I guess I’ll have to start learning SMM to go along with my SEM and SEO. So, many abbreviations….so little time.

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Answer by imisidro
NO — they can work hand in hand, but social media marketing cannot replace search engine marketing

Search engine’s usage is far way more than social media use. Plus traffic from search engines are more sustainable and longer term, while social media traffic is more sporadic.

If you get a top placement for a keyword in Google, for example, you can expect that to continuously give you traffic until someone else topples you from the top spot — and that is not always easy to do unless you made a huge mistake or the search engines changed their algorithm.

You can get a huge burst of traffic from social media sites such as Digg — only if your link is in the homepage. Once your link is pushed to the archives, traffic dries up.

Social media sites depend on the FRESHNESS of the information, while search engine sites depend on the RELEVANCE of the site to the search query and that gives an edge to older pages

For a savvy marketer, he/she needs to utilize and maximize both venues to get the most traffic. The two should work hand in hand, and not one over the other.

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PostHeaderIcon 15 Search & Social Takeaways from SES Toronto 2011 #sesto

15 Search & Social Takeaways from SES Toronto 2011 #sesto
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PostHeaderIcon Using Social Media to Boost Search Rankings

Using Social Media to Boost Search Rankings
Social media can be used for more than branding, customer service, PR, and retention. It can also be used to support your rankings in the SERPs. …
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Why Social Media Practices Are Like Football
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PostHeaderIcon Social media spreads search net for missing persons

Social media spreads search net for missing persons
Social media sites are often seen as places to swap gossip, share photos and waste time, but they are increasingly being used in the hunt for missing persons.
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Social Media Comes of Age in Business
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