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Marriott and Universal Music Group Launch Global Partnership
An online video series and social media content will also match the style of each brand and guest preferences. On top of that, Marriott Rewards loyalty program members will have access to special ticket offers, exclusive music downloads, artist …
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Singaporean teen arrested under ISA released, given Restriction Order
The 17-year-old was arrested in May this year under the Internal Security Act (ISA). The Ministry of Home Affairs says investigations show he was radicalised after viewing videos, websites and social media materials propagated by radical ideologues and …
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Emerging Social Media App Brabble Appoints Peter Kahn President
I am confident that Peter's strategic vision, in addition to his deep marketing and promotional experience, will allow us to grow our user base, implement our proprietary revenue platform and ultimately position Brabble as the world's largest social …
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The Rainmakers
His technical bent gets full play in his current positions as executive director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) and as chief scientist for the consulting firm Chainalytics. He's also the …
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The Supply Side: Contract changes ask more from Wal-Mart suppliers
The local supplier community across Northwest Arkansas is buzzing this week as insiders and consultants compare notes on recent contract amendments that Wal-Mart Stores sent out to roughly 10,000 of its suppliers of all sizes. First off, the retail …
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Being a champion for your grandchildren
Be their social media buddies as well as their real-life buddies. With the upper teens, establish a relationship of trust in which they will ask for your advice, or at least listen to it. Explain that a consultant is not a manager or someone who tells …
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Top 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business (Infographic)
Social Media Marketing Gives You Great Audience Insight – Pew Research Center highlighted that up to 96% of of internet users aged 18 to 29 years old from the African American online community use social media. 8. Social Media Marketing Improves …
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Help promote community events via social media this summer
If you want to assist organizers and have a little fun in the process, use social media to promote one of these events on social media before, during and after you go. Not only is it a quick and easy task, but you'll get to show off the good time you …
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Marketing: 7 Social Media Hacks for Busy Event Planners
Especially if your event is recurring, success is directly linked to creating and fostering a community of event-goers or people who aspire to go to your event. This generates excitement and goes hand-in-hand with pushing out content that your fans …
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@BritishPolice: Research, Policy and Community on the Frontiers of Social Media
Policing in the United Kingdom is in the midst of a quiet but revolutionary experiment to make itself proactively available to the public by way of social media, and particularly Twitter, in unprecedented numbers and across the chain of command, to …
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Fracking Firm Encourages Industry to Imitate Taco Bell's Twitter Strategy
Can fracking firms win public support through social media by replicating the whimsical style of Taco Bell's Twitter account? That was one of the goals discussed at an Energy Digital Summit event with Brittany Thomas, an external affairs coordinator …
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Kevin O'Leary: Social media can make your small business look BIG, for
The best investment startup companies can make is in mastering the fine art of social media, because it can help propel you into something big at practically no cost. “You've got to be everywhere all of the time,” said Kevin O'Leary, Chairman of O …

PostHeaderIcon 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)
Startup or not, it is one of the best digital platforms for propelling businesses forward rapidly, provided that social media marketing is done right. For newcomers to the digital marketing industry, making a good first impression on social media is …
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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Will Doom Your Business to Oblivion
However, when platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook gained a tremendous following almost overnight, businesses knew they had to follow suit in order to stay relevant. Nowadays, an impressive 97% of businesses rely on social media to effectively …
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Why Social Media Insights Are A Gold Mine For Inbound Marketers
Whether you have writer's block, lackluster traffic numbers or a need to reach a new market, insights from social media conversations can be incredibly helpful for boosting any inbound campaign. Here are three ways that social media analytics can …
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Social Media for Non-Profits: High-Impact Tips and the Best Free Tools
(They're pretty great for SEO, too.) To create a page, go to the entry creation page at Wikipedia, and once you've created the entry, be sure to check back often and track any changes. 21. Allow social media as a communication preference for your members.
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Skill up! Learn how to grow your Web traffic with SEO
SEO requires a number of areas of expertise these days – content marketing, technical SEO, authority development through 'link building' and social media to name a few. The skill set of an SEO manager must be incredibly diverse to successfully increase …
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Women, Business & Torah: Temech Conference 2015
This issue was clearly in evidence at this year's Temech Conference, where both the presentations and informal networking focused on questions such as: How do I price my goods and services? How can I differentiate my business from others doing similar …
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Geofeedia Launches Updated Location Monitoring Platform & iOS App
Geofeedia, the location-based social media monitoring and analytics company, announced today the launch of an iOS app and the latest version of its platform. … The robust agenda covers the latest tactics in paid search, SEO, mobile, analytics and more.
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You'll Never Guess Social Media Marketers' Top Complaint
Yes, that perennial favorite — return on investment — is still the single biggest challenge facing the social media advertising business, according to a survey of 600 social media marketers conducted by TrustRadius on behalf of SimplyMeasured …
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Nine ways OPI nails social media
Marketers can get so wrapped up in likes and retweets that they lose sight of the fact that social is meant to establish meaningful connections through two-way conversations. "It's about a relationship," said Marleine Pacilio, interactive media and …
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PostHeaderIcon Creating Campfire Communities With Social Media

Creating Campfire Communities With Social Media
That was it…our entire social media strategy could be summed up in one word – ask. We simply invited members of the diabetic community to join us in private video chats with Scott as moderator. During those chats, which included the client brand team …
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Social media pictures show effect Omaha officer's death had on community
OMAHA, Neb. — It has been three days since the funeral of Omaha police officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, who was killed in a shootout last Wednesday; but a photo continues to make the rounds on social media, perpetuating her memory and honor. It shows …

What Are The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business?
best social media platforms reddit Reddit hosts an unparalleled number of content-centric communities. It's kind of a combination of Google+, Forums, and blogging. Like G+, people are passionate about the platform and their communities. Like forums …
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PostHeaderIcon Social media apps are tracking your location in shocking detail

Social media apps are tracking your location in shocking detail
Even people who opt to share their location on social media may be surprised by just how tricky it is to disappear. For example, Foursquare's check-in app Swarm broadcasts users' almost exact location even if they have not selected a specific location …
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'Enterprising Woman' created company that uses social media to build brands
Kelly Ehlers runs a growing business that helps other businesses use social media to build their brands. Ideas That Evoke began in 2009 as a sole proprietorship and today employs 18 on the third floor of an office building at 34 Schroeder Court, just …

PostHeaderIcon Jumping to blame social media for eating disorders is dangerous

Jumping to blame social media for eating disorders is dangerous
Images of sculpted, sucked-in and slimmed-down female bodies across Instagram and Facebook, for example, as well as in the news media, are deeply problematic. They give women of all ages the message that to be of value in contemporary British society …
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Paul sees spike in social media activity after blocking Patriot Act
In this image from Senate video, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and a Republican presidential contender, speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate Wednesday afternoon, May 20, 2015, at the Capitol in Washington, during a long speech opposing renewal of the …
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Cyberattacks and the quandary of evolving technology
As our society grows more and more interconnected — utilizing innovative new technologies that make life more convenient — we continue to expose ourselves to greater risks of cyberattack. With the digitization of practically all aspects of our day-to …
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Death Plunge: ISIS throws gay men off buildings under guise of Sharia law
The photos were released by ISIS on Wednesday via social media and in a report by the terror group entitled, “Implementation of the Punishment of Those Who Have Committed Acts of Homosexuality” on the jihadist online forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, …
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