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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: how do you add social media buttons in the new (not classic) email signature?

Question by : how do you add social media buttons in the new (not classic) email signature?
Trying to add social media button to signature and only finding how to do it in classic…since I cannot go back to classic, I need to know if it can still be done and if so…how? Thanks

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Answer by Trooper63

NOTE: this is not permanent……Make sure you save this link to click on when it changes you back to the New version.
If you decide to go back to the NEW version

click on GET THE NEWEST YAHOO! MAIL on the left upper section of your email page or click on NEWEST VERSION OF Y! MAIL on the upper right section…. you can also use this link…

Go to “Options” on the right side of your email page
Click on “Mail Options”
Click on “Signature”
Enter the signature you want to appear
Click on “Add Signature to all outgoing messages ”
Click on “Save”
Hover your pointer over the GEAR…(UPPER RIGHT).Click on MAIL OPTIONS…Then click on SIGNATURE..Once in go to the small box and click on the down arrow on the right side and then click on SHOW A PLAIN TEXT or RICH TEXT SIGNATURE. Rich Text will allow you to change the font…color, etc by clicking on the icons that are displayed.
Enter what you want the signature to be. Go above and click on SAVE.
I have not tried to put a photo in my signature and this next link says you cannot…. the links below that give instructions on how to do it….I am not sure they will work…..good luck…

Photos that are based on your computer will not copy and paste in most email providers mail.…

How to insert pic in signature………

How to have an animated signature…

More info..

Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.(CLASSIC format) Go to “Management”, click “signature”. Above the text area, next to the word “Editor”, click either “plain” or “color and graphics”. With the toolbar that appears when you select color and graphics, you can choose which font you’d like to use and how you’d like to format and color it. Now compose your signature by typing in the text area. Click “add signature to all outgoing messages” and it’ll do just that. Don’t forget to save your new settings!
In the NEW version see above ref clicking on the icons to accomplish changes….Font, Color, etc
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ loads of different fonts, many nice backgrounds. This free online tool works with php scripts, created pics are downloadable .gif files

Setup and edit Small Business Signature:


If you don’t want a signature once in to SIGNATURES just place a dot in the “do not use a signature” and go above and click on SAVE CHANGES (CLASSIC format)
Hover the pointer over the GEAR…(upper right)Then MAIL OPTIONS…. then SIGNATURE. Once in make sure DON’T USE A SIGNATURE is in the small box. If it is not already in there click on the down arrow on the right side of it to bring it up…click on it. Click SAVE….

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