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PostHeaderIcon Is there really a “liberal” media bias or is there a deeper motive?

Question by homegirl: Is there really a “liberal” media bias or is there a deeper motive?
When Republicans Scream Bloody ”Liberal” Media Bias
A. Alexander, October 2nd, 2007
If you are like me, you had always assumed that the reason Republicans screamed bloody “Liberal” media bias, was because they believed that the media portrayed them in an unrealistic and unfair manner. If so, like me, you were wrong. It wasn’t that the Republicans believed the media to be misrepresenting them; it was that the corporate-owned media used to portray them for exactly who they, as Republicans, really were.

If we’ve learned anything about Republicans in recent years, it is that they aren’t at all the kind of people that they want the public to believe them to be. Republicans want the public to see them as being “good Christians” with high “morals and values,” supporters of the “traditional family,” tough-minded anti-gay champions of “freedom and liberty,” and people who supposedly oppose affirmative action based upon a principle of “equality for all, special treatment for none.” In reality, Republicans are greed-driven; Jack Abramoff corrupted; wife-cheating; mistress-choking; teenaged Congressional Page stalking; airport bathroom love-seeking; DC madam needing; diaper-wearing Louisiana call girl paying; crank-snorting-gay-prostitute-humping ingrates; and supporters of major presidential candidates who have all run from two minority-sponsored debates.

And the moment the corporate-owned media reports the facts … Republicans scream bloody “Liberal” media bias!

Republican cries of “Liberal” media bias started in the 1970s, about the same time that Archie Bunker of “All in the Family” fame became a household name. Many of us assumed that Republicans saw themselves in Archie, which was true … they did. The character of Archie was a racist, chauvinistic, homophobe, who always seemed to be on the verge of beating the snot out of his wife, Edith. Archie was never quite able to deal honestly with himself or the world around him … he always filtered everything through his fears and prejudices. Most of us assumed then, that Republicans considered Archie to be an example of “Liberal” media bias, because they believed the character to be an inaccurate depiction of what Republicans were really about, which wasn’t true at all.

Republicans were upset about Archie’s character, because it was a dead-on portrayal of the average GOPer. The media’s airing of the character Archie Bunker was, for Republicans, a bit too much like being spied upon. All the dirty little secrets — the racism, the hatred, the fake piety, the homophobia — were being placed before the public and the public didn’t like what they saw. If Archie and other media programs were going to be offered for consumption, Republicans knew they would never win another election. They needed to act. So, as always, Republicans claimed that the accurate portrayal of their true nature was a lie and they screamed bloody “Liberal” media bias.

Then, of course, Republicans went about the business of constructing a wholly fictitious version of themselves — the Republican as “good Christian,” as “morals and values” centered, as supporters of the “traditional American family,” as being champions of “equality for all, special treatment for none” but never racist — and whenever the media strayed from the “official” Republican-endorsed version, they screamed bloody “Liberal” media bias.

So, you see, whenever Republicans are screaming bloody “Liberal” media bias … it is because someone, somewhere is telling the truth about a Republican. Don’t think it is true? One can see the Republican mindset being played out over the Iraq coverage. Whenever — rare as it is — the media tries to tell the truth about just how bad things have become in Iraq, Republicans scream bloody “Liberal” media bias. Never mind the reality that Iraq is a disaster going from bad to horrific … the truth isn’t the “official” Republican-endorsed version and is therefore, “biased.”

The funny thing about today’s Republican Party is that nobody is buying into their “official” versions of anything … well, nobody that is but Republicans themselves. The difference between who Republicans want the public to believe them to be and who they truly are – is as wide as Larry Craig’s stance in an airport bathroom stall.

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Answer by God
No, it is just part of the fear/blame campaign of republicans. They use fear to blame everyone else for their failings. You’ll notice that republicans always try to paint themselves as victims by blaming the media for something republicans in fact did.

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PostHeaderIcon Is there a conspiracy by the government and media to keep us from panicking about the economy?

Question by : Is there a conspiracy by the government and media to keep us from panicking about the economy?
Social security is going to go broke.

1 in 7 homeowners are in default on their mortgages.

1 in 20 Americans defaulted on their credit cards last quarter.

I feel like I’m reading press releases from Al-jazeera about economy. “AP–The economy only shed 400,000 jobs last month, an improvement from last month.” What the heck kind of wording is that?

It’s like saying “The cancer didn’t move to your vital organs, it’s only in your liver, so that’s good”

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Answer by THINK
You can panic if you want to.

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PostHeaderIcon Is there songs that are “social”? Anyone else notice how more social people like social/ party songs?

Question by : Is there songs that are “social”? Anyone else notice how more social people like social/ party songs?
Ok.. I always notice how certain more outgoing or people persons like certain music. Like generally more “party” type of music. Like hip hop and stuff.

Is there like a relationship between the two? I really think there is a relationship. But it just seems curious as to what about those songs is social. Is it the fact that they are upbeat and fun? And people in that environment and those types of people just enjoy more fun music?

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Answer by tudoor
well thats because hip hop, dnb and stuff like that are made to pump people up get them hyped

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