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PostHeaderIcon Twitter justice: Boulder woman uses social media to recover stolen bike

Twitter justice: Boulder woman uses social media to recover stolen bike
Elaine Ellis, a social media manager at Trada in downtown Boulder, poses with her Trek Allant bicycle, which was stolen Saturday and recovered Monday after she sounded the alarm to friends and followers via Twitter.
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NFL Players and Social Media: Obsessed with the “Me” Culture
Feel the power, with all eyes on you or at least on your words. Social media has allowed the commoner a voice, a presence and increased the power of our individual words and images. Now let’s combine the exposure from social media with the stardom of pro ball. Double Whammy! Watch me play on the field, follow my tweets, FB friend me, watch me on You tube, read my blog. It makes me want to sing …
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Social media is a significant traffic source for 78% of travel sites
Social media is a ‘top eight’ driver of traffic for 78% of travel sites according a recent study of the “digital competency” of travel brands, with airlines and hotels dominating the leading brands in the study.
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Arab revolt: social media and the people’s revolution
Country by country Channel 4 News unpicks the key social media elements of revolt throughout the Middle East and assesses how internet communication helped awaken online youth activism.
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Social media plays key role in New Zealand rescue efforts
People in the region are hailing a spontaneous effort that uses social media to share vital information after an earthquake struck Christchurch.
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Why Data Mining Is the Next Frontier for Social Media Marketing
The thinking about social media in corporate marketing departments is rapidly evolving. Initially, social media was seen as yet another broadca…
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