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'Sam': Woman diagnosed with amnesia and cancer reaches out on social media
“My friends that I have made believe it is time to use the internet ourselves to see if we can find my family or friends.” The woman's ordeal began on February 1 in a coastal community in San Diego County, KTLA 5 reported. Officers and firefighters …
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Union Pacific uses social media to warn about track dangers
Union Pacific uses social media to warn about track dangers. OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Union Pacific is turning to social media to help keep people off railroad tracks. The railroad unveiled a new campaign last week about the dangers of railroad tracks.
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Pinterest and NHL are an unlikely social media success story
One is known for its aggressive, fast-paced, “manly-man” sport; the other is a female-dominated social media site commonly used for sharing images of crafts, food, and other items not generally associated with slap shots, power plays, and penalties for …
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War In The Age Of Social Media
Russia's war against Ukraine is being fought in an era of instant communication and heavy use of social networks, including Facebook and its Russian version, vKontake. Both sides have shared information online that has cost lives and damaged their …
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New CPR Phone App Uses Social Media to Save Lives
And from California tonight, a reunion between a man who nearly died and the man who saved his life. What brought them together? A simple phone app. Here's ABC's David Wright. Reporter: A life or death emergency on this California soccer field for …
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The Bot Bubble
Social media's takeover of the Internet has been swift and dramatic. From 2005 to 2012, the percentage of Internet-using, American adults on a social media platform mushroomed from 8 to 70 percent. In 2005, Facebook had 5.5 million users; at the end of …
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Why No One Uses the Corporate Social Network
Imagine an organization that is completely digitally connected. Colleagues connect seamlessly with each other across silos and across the globe. Management has its finger on the pulse of the company, aware of every crisis-induced quickening.
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Scotty's Brewhouse uses social media to find investors
It's using a locally-based crowdfunding site that gives you opportunity to make some money. In the past it's been forbidden to “crowd search” for investors on social media. Back in July 2014 that changed in Indiana. Gov. Mike Pence signed a new bill …
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Today's terrorists are as social media-savvy as any marketer
The likelihood is slim, but there's no doubt that terrorists are understanding, studying and using social media and, like any social media marketer, radicals are targeting the youth. Cyberterrorism specialist Evan Kohlman says: “90% of terrorist …
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Islamic State's social media efforts luring female recruits to Syria
Islamic State's use of social media has been revolutionary, said Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online activity by militant groups. Such activity used to take place exclusively within password-protected Web forums …
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PostHeaderIcon Husk Signs uses social media to help Vand. Co. investigators in burglary ring case

Husk Signs uses social media to help Vand. Co. investigators in burglary ring case
Officials say they expect to charge two other people and plan to file more charges against the four already in custody. "We've had lots of cooperation with the shop, with the local public, Facebook, all kinds of social media," Monte Williams with Husk …
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How Moviepilot Uses Laser-Focused Social Media Campaigns To Reach Oscar
The Golden Globe Awards are behind us and the Academy Award nominations will be announced first thing Thursday morning. Whereas the Globes are chosen by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and a show like the People's Choice …
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What Teens Really Think About YouTube, Google+, Reddit and Other Social
Based on the social anxiety that can come from posting on social media in a public forum (especially when you're posting a video), many of my peers left the network after their Vines had little interaction (hardly any likes/loops/comments). However, an …
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Tech, social media, drones threaten privacy
… was the focus of a seminar lecture point, though the owner probably uploaded the photo to a social-media site. Ashton found the picture on, a website run by Florida State University researchers that uses cat photos from …

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Land a Job
Natalie McNeal, 34, was beginning to increase her social media footprint as she was researching and writing her book, The Frugalista. She started a blog, became more active on Twitter, and used Facebook groups to network and meet new people.
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Using social media, activists and businesses can gain footing
From the Ice Bucket Challenge to mass protests in the Middle East, people around the world have used online social media to popularize their own projects and campaigns. Binghamton University organizers are encouraging students to take advantage of the …
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PostHeaderIcon Keller church uses social media for whooping cough alert

Keller church uses social media for whooping cough alert
Rivera said Fellowship of the Parks Church in Keller used Facebook, text messages and e-mails to alert the congregation about a 5th grader who may have been exposed to the highly contagious disease attended two church services on April 13 and April 20.
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Oklahoma City Philharmonic uses social media to foster a love of music
Joel Levine, music director of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, walks onto the Civic Center stage Sept. 28 to conduct the orchestra's 2013-14 season opener. Chris Stinchcomb, who handles the philharmonic's official social media accounts, snapped the …

Outlook 2014: After growing up online, an Edmond Realtor uses social media for
A: As a real estate agent, I use social media to connect with my circle of influence. In this digital age, having an online presence is important. However, as working professionals, we have to be mindful that nobody wants to be bombarded with a bunch …

PostHeaderIcon Twitter justice: Boulder woman uses social media to recover stolen bike

Twitter justice: Boulder woman uses social media to recover stolen bike
Elaine Ellis, a social media manager at Trada in downtown Boulder, poses with her Trek Allant bicycle, which was stolen Saturday and recovered Monday after she sounded the alarm to friends and followers via Twitter.
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NFL Players and Social Media: Obsessed with the “Me” Culture
Feel the power, with all eyes on you or at least on your words. Social media has allowed the commoner a voice, a presence and increased the power of our individual words and images. Now let’s combine the exposure from social media with the stardom of pro ball. Double Whammy! Watch me play on the field, follow my tweets, FB friend me, watch me on You tube, read my blog. It makes me want to sing …
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Social media is a significant traffic source for 78% of travel sites
Social media is a ‘top eight’ driver of traffic for 78% of travel sites according a recent study of the “digital competency” of travel brands, with airlines and hotels dominating the leading brands in the study.
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Arab revolt: social media and the people’s revolution
Country by country Channel 4 News unpicks the key social media elements of revolt throughout the Middle East and assesses how internet communication helped awaken online youth activism.
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Social media plays key role in New Zealand rescue efforts
People in the region are hailing a spontaneous effort that uses social media to share vital information after an earthquake struck Christchurch.
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Why Data Mining Is the Next Frontier for Social Media Marketing
The thinking about social media in corporate marketing departments is rapidly evolving. Initially, social media was seen as yet another broadca…
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